Help Us Translate Our New Support Portal

Over 2 million people around the world rely on Tor for private access to the open web everyday, and we want to make sure that Tor and our resources are localized for as many of our users as possible. That's why we need your help.
We are in the final stages of finalizing our new support portal, just one portal of many new sites to come in our website redesign.
Tor support website screenshots in different languages: english, french and spanish.
In order to finish it, we need to translate it from English into more languages. At the very least, we want to translate it to Farsi, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, German, Korean, Turkish, Italian, Arabic, French, and Spanish. If you are knowledgeable about another language not listed here, we'd be grateful for your help as well. 
Here's how you can get started: 
    - Create an account at Transifex
    - Join your language team on the Tor Project's page
    - Visit our support portal project page
Voilà! Now you are ready to add and adjust translations
We appreciate your help! Feel free to add any comments or questions on Transifex along the way. 

As noted on IRC we appreciate your feedback.

If you can find a "FLOSS and privacy friendly" (Bernd's words) translation service that has an existing diverse user base, maybe Tor would like to hear about it.

Tor has used other translation services before and found that it didn't get much help if there weren't already many users on the platform. If the goal is to get as much help translating as possible, you go where the people are.

Well, at least you can now be sure that you won't get help from people who care for their privacy - which is kind of the target group of tor.
Tor users are here. If you link them to the translation site they will get there.

I've heard Tor plans to move to Weblate and leave Transifex, which is proprietary and tracks users. It's such a contradiction that Tor doesn't care much for their contributors privacy and work.
The assumption that 'users on the platform' and 'go where people are' is not correct for translation work. You want someone who is genuinely interested in Tor, so the person will dedicate time and knowledge to the project. Making a right choice on platform translation, consistent with privacy care, will keep the right people contributing. You don't need a thousand of one time/one string of inconsistent translation, you need a few people who care about what they are doing. Be open to contributors is not the same as use random data provided by one string contributors. This is the commercial web model, Tor!


August 02, 2018


Feel free to submit patches to the tor-dev mailing list with your translations, based on our repo
The translation files are located on the i18n folder:

Spreading the word in my blog for reach spanish speakers that maybe can help and join the project:

Happy hacking

I can't wait for the official web discussion forums to arrive!


use google-translate, ne?

Sorry, I've deleted my Transifex account. Is there any Weblate instance ?

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