New Release: Tor Browser 8.0.6

Tor Browser 8.0.6 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

This release features important security updates to Firefox.

The main change in this new release is the update of Firefox to 60.5.1esr, fixing some vulnerabilities in the Skia library.

The full changelog since Tor Browser 8.0.5 is:

  • All platforms
    • Update Firefox to 60.5.1esr
    • Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2019.1.31
    • Bug 29378: Remove from default bridges
  • Build System
    • All Platforms
      • Bug 29235: Build our own version of python3.6 for HTTPS Everywhere

March 01, 2019


Tor Browser circuit stopped working correctly.

Usually the circuit shows the following:

this browser
entry node (guard)
middle node
exit node
address of site you're visiting

From one second to another, suddenly the site I'm visiting isn't shown any longer and I get the following:

this browser
entry node (guard)
middle node
exit node

I had this issue already several times – also with older versions. However, with older versions this happened very rarely. Now, it happens very frequently.

Why does Tor Browser suddenly fails to detect the site I'm accessing?

Does anybody know what is going wrong? I'd be grateful for any hint!


March 01, 2019


I know now, when the circuit doesn't show the site I'm visiting and indicating “--unknown--” instead. After having maximised Tor Browser and setting the window back to the original size, the circuit shows “--unknown--” instead of the site I'm visiting.

I know that maximising the window is not a good idea. However, this a strange issue. Is there a way to get the accessed site back in the circuit?

Aha, is that reproducible? And what exactly do you do? You go to, look at the display (everything is fine), then maximize the window and set it back to original size (how do you do the latter), then look at the display (now it is broken)? On which operating system does this happen?

I'm sorry for the late response. I had to try out several things.

Meanwhile, I've tried maximising my other Tor Browsers (all the same version: 8.0.6), but the “--unknown--” - issue isn't reproducible by maximising the window with my other Tor Browsers.

So, maybe maximising the window and the “--unknown--” issue were just coincidental – but I can't tell.

Therefore, I downloaded and installed several “fresh” Tor Browsers and started to work with them as I usually do. In some cases the “--unknown--” issue occurred, in others everything in the circuits was fine.

I also tried some steps more systematically in order to find out which of the changes I do (like changing the security level or changing noscript settings, for instance) lead to the issue. However, I wasn't able to trace the issue back to a certain step.

It is not maximising, neither maximising the browser window by clicking on the maximising button on the top right-hand corner nor by clicking on the full screen button within videos. At least, the issue is not only due to maximising.

So far, I was at a loss.

Then I had a look at the “profile.default”, the contents of which were different in the working and in the broken browsers, and tried by copying and pasting differing files, but had no success in solving the “--unknown--” issue.

What I finally tried and what worked as far as I can see:

I suspected the “profile.default” to be corrupt somewhere. Therefore, I

copied the complete “profile.default” from working browser and pasted into „--unknown--“ circuit browser.
opened TB – violet welcome window was missing
deactivated Torbutton
opened TB again
activated Torbutton
started TB again
result: „--unknown--“ issue had gone, broken browser was working correctly

From this, I draw the conclusion that something must corrupt the “profile.default”, however, I don't know which part of the “profile.default” becomes corrupt nor how and why this happens.

Has anyone got a clue?

Thanks so much for that information. Do you still have the "corrupt" profile? If so, it might help to copy over whole directories instead of single files first to narrow the issue further down before potentially missing a file... Maybe that helps finding the culprit?

Unfortunately, I haven't got the “corrupt” profile.default any longer, but I've still got two other broken Tor Browsers having this “--unknown--” issue.

I compared the profiles of the two broken browsers with the correctly working browsers. All the profiles, regardless whether from a broken or a working browser, contain the same files, at as far as the names of the files are concerned. Nothing is missing.

So far, everything seems to be identical.

I made the same changes as described in my post of March 09, 2019:

I copied the complete “profile.default” from the working browser and pasted into „--unknown--“ circuit browser .

But this time, no luck, it didn't work to “repair” the „--unknown--“ issue.

I'm sorry, but I've really tried a lot of things, but nothing seems to be reproducible.

I'm at a loss.


March 03, 2019


Fino a poco tempo fa vedevo lo streaming da questo link:
con ExitNodes{ch}
Adesso non riesco più a vedere lo streaming.

A questo link:…
dicono di aver attivato il Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Nell'articolo indicano i browser che possono essere utilizzati, Firefox è indicato alla v. 65 mentre Torbrowser utilizza la vers.6.05.
A quanto l'upgrade?
Until recently I saw streaming from this link:
with ExitNodes {ch}
Now I can not see the streaming anymore.

At this link:…
say they have activated Digital Rights Management (DRM)
In the article indicate the browsers that can be used, Firefox is indicated at v. 65 while Torbrowser uses vers.6.05.
How much is the upgrade?

Opera Browser ha integrato una VPN free.
Perchè non usate tale browser per TOR?
Perchè non integrate in TorBrowser una VPN free?
Opera Browser has integrated a free VPN.
Why not use this browser for TOR?
Why not integrate a free VPN in TorBrowser?

Upgradando Torbrower a Firefox v.65 il problema si risolverebbe?
Upgrading Torbrower to Firefox v.65 would the problem be solved?

Sto usando anche questo sw: psiphon3(
Con essa riesco di nuovo a vedere i canali della tv Svizzera.
Potrebbe essere integrata in TOR?
I'm also using this sw: psiphon3 (
With it I can again see the Swiss TV channels.
Could it be integrated into TOR?


March 04, 2019


After updating into 8.0.6, Bengali can't be written anymore by Avro i-bus :( Any solution please?


March 04, 2019


Where are my bookmarks in this new version of tor, seems all my bookmarks are gone, anyone here to tell me how to recover bookmarks from old tor browser?


March 11, 2019


Hello torproject,
can you bring back blocking unencrypted in HTTPSEverywhere?
The new EASE isn't

ehm,ok, but it's your, torprojects, responsibility to work for
more technical security on this Tor-browser? I have no idea why
the EFF is weaken this important function.
To fight for the right to anonymous surfing gets more and more
dangerous in -so called- western democracies.


March 12, 2019


I can't seem to download the update. It seems to download, then says to restart, but when I restart I'm still at the old version, stuck there. I have tried numerous times. One time a box appeared that said I "needed permission." When I clicked through to "Permissions" on the little i in the circle on the address bar I found that they are all set to default. Can you help?

Which operating system are you on? What exactly said the permission box that popped up?
Another thing you could do is enable update logging by going to about:config and flipping the app.update.log preference to true. Then you should get output in the Tor Browser console (you can open that one with Ctrl+Shift+J). Not sure if it already shows error before restarting but it should show you output _after_ restarting, too. (which should contain a better hint at what is going on)


March 14, 2019


If I have the Library window open, the one that Shows All Bookmarks in a separate window, and I hit New Identity, the Library window does not close. Does Tor Browser completely set up the New Identity when it closes the browser window, or does the Library window, that does not close, interfere in resetting Tor Browser to create a New Identity?


March 18, 2019


That dropdown that says
"Will you allow to use your HTML5 canvas image data?"

is really excellent human design, clearly marked, simple to use. Thank you.