New Release: Tor Browser 10.5

Tor Browser 10.5 is now available from the Tor Browser download page and also from our distribution directory.

This new Tor Browser release is focused on improving the internet access of users connecting through Tor in censored contexts.

What's new?

V2 Onion Services Deprecation

Tor Browser 10.5 V2 onion addresses warning

As we announced last year, v2 onion services will be completely unreachable once Tor Browser moves to Tor 0.4.6.x in October 2021. From now until then, Tor Browser will warn you when visiting a v2 onion site of its upcoming deprecation.

Snowflake is now available as a bridge

Tor Browser 10.5 Snowflake bridge

With Snowflake, censored users can rely on proxies run by volunteers to connect to the internet.

During Q1 this year, the UX team ran a survey on Tor Browser Alpha to better understand Snowflake’s user experience. The survey received 1,795 complete responses, of which 726 participants confirmed they use Snowflake as a pluggable transport. The majority of Snowflake users who completed the survey began using Tor Browser several times a week within the past year. 75% of users had a positive view of Snowflake, although many experienced connection troubles and slow speeds while browsing. These facts and the stable network of volunteers allow us to make it available on this release.

› Read more about Snowflake's stable release

Improving the user experience of connecting to Tor

Tor Browser 10.5 about:connect

Tor Launcher has acted as the options panel for advanced Tor network configurations over the years. It also serves as a control point for users who are in censored networks. The UX and the Anti-Censorship teams joined efforts to improve the connecting flow for Tor Browser users. This release is the first in the upcoming series of helping censored users seamlessly access the open internet by simplifying the connection flow, detecting censorship and providing bridges.

› Read more about the new connection experience

Known Issues

Tor Browser 10.5 comes with a number of known issues:



The full changelog since Tor Browser 10.0.18

  • All Platforms
    • Update NoScript to 11.2.9
    • Update Tor Launcher to 0.2.30
    • Translations update
    • Bug 25483: Provide Snowflake based on Pion for Windows, macOS, and Linux
    • Bug 33761: Remove unnecessary snowflake dependencies
    • Bug 40064: Bump libevent to 2.1.12
    • Bug 40137: Migrate https-everywhere storage to idb
    • Bug 40261: Bump versions of snowflake and webrtc
    • Bug 40263: Update domain front for Snowflake
    • Bug 40302: Update version of snowflake
    • Bug 40030: DuckDuckGo redirect to html doesn't work
  • Windows + OS X + Linux
    • Bug 27476: Implement about:torconnect captive portal within Tor Browser [tor-browser]
    • Bug 32228: Bookmark TPO support domains in Tor Browser
    • Bug 33803: Add a secondary nightly MAR signing key [tor-browser]
    • Bug 33954: Consider different approach for Bug 2176
    • Bug 34345: "Don't Bootstrap" Startup Mode
    • Bug 40011: Rename tor-browser-brand.ftl to brand.ftl
    • Bug 40012: Fix about:tor not loading some images in 82
    • Bug 40138: Move our primary nightly MAR signing key to tor-browser
    • Bug 40209: Implement Basic Crypto Safety
    • Bug 40428: Correct minor Cryptocurrency warning string typo
    • Bug 40429: Update Onboarding for 10.5
    • Bug 40455: Block or recover background requests after bootstrap
    • Bug 40456: Update the SecureDrop HTTPS-Everywhere update channel
    • Bug 40475: Include clearing CORS preflight cache
    • Bug 40478: Onion alias url rewrite is broken
    • Bug 40484: Bootstrapping page show Quickstart text
    • Bug 40490: BridgeDB bridge captcha selection is broken in alpha
    • Bug 40495: Onion pattern is focusable by click on about:torconnect
    • Bug 40499: Onion Alias doesn't work with TOR_SKIP_LAUNCH
  • Android
    • Bug 30318: Integrate snowflake into mobile Tor Browser
    • Bug 40206: Disable the /etc/hosts parser
  • Linux
    • Bug 40089: Remove CentOS 6 support for Tor Browser 10.5
  • Build System
    • All Platforms
      • Update Go to 1.15.13
      • Bug 23631: Use rootless containers [tor-browser-build]
      • Bug 33693: Change snowflake and meek dummy address [tor-browser]
      • Bug 40016: getfpaths is not setting origin_project
      • Bug 40169: Update apt package cache after calling pre_pkginst, too
      • Bug 40194: Remove osname part in cbindgen filename
    • Windows + OS X + Linux
      • Bug 40081: Build Mozilla code with --enable-rust-simd
      • Bug 40104: Use our TMPDIR when creating our .mar files
      • Bug 40133: Bump Rust version for ESR 78 to 1.43.0
      • Bug 40166: Update apt cache before calling pre_pkginst in container-image config
    • Android
      • Bug 28672: Android reproducible build of Snowflake
      • Bug 40313: Use apt-get to install openjdk-8 .deb files with their dependencies
    • Windows
    • Linux
      • Bug 26238: Move to Debian Jessie for our Linux builds
      • Bug 31729: Support Wayland
      • Bug 40041: Remove CentOS 6 support for 10.5 series
      • Bug 40103: Add i386 pkg-config path for linux-i686
      • Bug 40112: Strip libstdc++ we ship
      • Bug 40118: Add missing libdrm dev package to firefox container
      • Bug 40235: Bump apt for Jessie containers


    Give Feedback

    If you find a bug or have a suggestion for how we could improve this release, please let us know. Thanks to all of the teams across Tor, and the many volunteers, who contributed to this release.


2021-07-06 1900 UTC: Due to Bug 40324, Android Tor Browser 10.5 should not be installed.

2021-07-06 20:50 UTC: We are aware of issues related to saved passwords becoming unavailable after upgrading to Tor Browser 10.5. Please see tpo/applications/tor-browser#40506 for more information about the investigation.

2021-07-07 18:00 UTC: Tor Browser 10.5.1 is now available for Android as a fix for Bug 40324.


July 08, 2021


For tor browser 10.5, the change in connecting to TOR is not leaving the cursor in the address bar, which is inconvenient (but not quite so inconvenient as the failure of saved passwords, which you have an open bug for).

Also, it would be really helpful for anyone reviewing this page if the Known Bugs had the bug title next to them so they don't waste time opening each one to see if it of relevance to them.




July 08, 2021


All my password storage lists are gone
If you turn it off and on again, it is reset even if you input a new


July 09, 2021


Hello. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but is the torrc file ignored by the current built or is that just me? Thank you for your time.


July 10, 2021


My saved logins and passwords were deleted during the update, what happened? Is it possible to get them back?


July 11, 2021


2 issues in 10.5:

1. "DuckDuckGoOnion" search provider is still using the v2 address.

2. Tor browser windows size is "1052 x 714" upon launch, but it is "1054 x 715" after using the "new identity" button. (Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS / Xfce 4.12)

For number 2, check your window size dimensions here:
- -- Do "Run JavaScript Tests". Look for screen.width, height and screen.availHeight, Width.
- -- Look under the header labeled "screen".

The dimensions that a website sees should be a multiple of 200x100 px. The outer size that I think you are talking about should not matter in terms of fingerprinting. Did you change the vertical size of the inner content panel by, for example, enabling a toolbar?

You performance may vary depending on your location and your local network setup. Some users with very restrictive firewalls on their home networks, or users connecting over a mobile network, experience a long delay in the initial bootstrapping of the Tor connection. We're continuing to work on improving the performance of Snowflake.


July 13, 2021


I have two questions =) first) why i had to configure addons(noscript+https) icons manually(so they can be shown on a toolbar), and second all pages in fullscreen mode opening with white borders on both corners of browser's window. I'll be very thankful if you will be able to find some time to answer my questions. Thank you


July 13, 2021


OnionCircuits does not work after updating to 10.5.
Console shows 'Tor requires a password to authenticate'.
but nyx works fine without password.
I'm on ubuntu.


July 14, 2021


Snowflakes are more ephemeral than other bridges. If the snowflakes offered to a client go offline while the client is in a session, does the client automatically request new snowflakes in that session? Is such a request made to the front domain, or is it anticipated by the client and requested through the remaining snowflakes before the last one known to the client goes offline?


July 17, 2021


Tor Browser 10.5.2 on linux doesn't follow system theme as before.
I have a dark desktop and before Tor Browser follows the dark theme, now it has its default light theme.

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