Dreaming At Dusk

by root | May 13, 2021



The first star of a dying galaxy. Curves taking over while bits dream at dusk.

Welcome to the onion space. We've been here since 2004, and we grow every day. In a few months, some onions will rot, while others will blossom.
Dusk was the first onion; now there are hundreds of thousands.
In an entirely different corner of the universe, where smart contracts thrive, Dusk is being auctioned. You can bid for it by interacting with functions living in a chain of blocks.
The Dusk auction will last about 24 hours. It will end on Friday at around 20:00UTC. When it ends, the winning bidder becomes the owner of a generative art piece created in collaboration with the artist @ixshells which has been derived directly by the Dusk private key. On November, the Owners of the NFT also gets the private key of Dusk directly from its owner.
We know that miners are heavy to the environment. Part of the auction winnings will be donated to a grassroot organization fighting on the frontlines of the climate crisis. At the same time, we've been actively monitoring the developments of Ethereum and we believe that their efforts at moving away from PoW is a fight worth fighting and can't come soon enough.
Welcome to The Auction. Please take your seat :)


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