Entering the Matrix

by ahf | October 15, 2021

For a long time, the Tor community has been running many day-to-day activities using the IRC network known as OFTC. IRC has worked out well for us, and our community on IRC has been evolving over the years with new people joining in and new channels appearing for specific needs in the organization.


Today we are happy to announce an expansion of the Tor community's day-to-day conversations by bridging our IRC community the Matrix platform. For regular Tor users, it means that you can chat with us using a friendly App like Element.


We are now announcing the list of Tor channels available on Matrix:


  • #tor - Our primary user support channel. If you have questions about how to do specific things with Tor, please drop by here and ask away.
  • #tor-dev - Our primary engineering channel where technical discussions about the engineering efforts in the organization are taking place.
  • #tor-project - Our main channel for the project and organization-wide conversations.
  • #tor-relays - Our relay operator community channel. If you are running relays or are considering it, feel free to drop by here.


In addition to the primary channel listed above, we also have a few team-specific channels used by the different internal teams of the Tor Project.


  • #tor-www - Tor's website team. The team that builds and maintains our presence on the web.
  • #tor-ux - Tor's UX team. The team is responsible for UX enhancements on the different Tor products.
  • #tor-l10n - Tor's Localization team. The team is responsible for managing the volunteering efforts of providing Tor's products in as many languages as possible.


We also have a channel specifically for people living and discussing Tor in the Global South. This channel is available as #tor-south:matrix.org. Feel free to join and speak in your native language.


We are looking forward to seeing new community members in our new Matrix bridged community. So far, we have been impressed with the features available by the engineering teams behind the different Matrix-related systems.


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