August 3, 2022 – August 10, 2022

Born Hack (DK)

Two Tor events will take place at Born Hack this year!

(1) Modernizing the Tor Ecosystem with Alexander Færøy, Network Team Lead (to be scheduled)

In this presentation, we will be updating the audience on the ongoing modernization efforts of the software developed inside The Tor Project -- the organization behind the most widely deployed anonymity network. We will look at upcoming features and changes to the core technology that drives the Tor network and why a Browser may no longer be the only product we have to provide for the user-base that is so crucial in need of Tor's anonymity properties for safe internet access.

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(2) Tor Relay Operators Meetup (to be scheduled)

For people who are currently running or are considering to run Tor relay nodes. Let's meet and share experiences, say hi to each other, and have an open discussion about topics related to Tor relay operations. Everybody is welcome.

We meet in the meetup area at the bar.

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