July 21, 2018

Tor Friends and Relay Operators Meetup with Egypcio, Vasilis, and others at Onionspace (Berlin) -- in solidarity with Torservers

Tor Berlin Meetup - Torservers

Tor friends and relay operators meetup -- in solidarity with Torservers (Zwiebelfreund e.v)

When: Sat., 21 July 2018, 13:00

Where:  Gottschedstrasse 4, Entrance 4, 13357 Berlin (U Nauener Platz), Onionspace

Map: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/52.54978/13.36991

Some weeks ago the police made consolidated raids of at homes and offices  of Zwiebefreunde e.v (torservers.net) members (and one previous member) at various locations in Germany. You are welcome to join us and share your opinions/help related to the current situation and empower Tor's ecosystem together.