November 9, 2018 – November 11, 2018

Internet Freedom Hack (Brisbane)

Internet Freedom Hack is a series of community events that bring technologists with a passion for digital rights together to build things that advance the cause of internet freedom.

Tim Wilson-Brown (teor) will present Working Together for Online Freedom on November 9th at 18:55 and will be joining the weekend hack.

Tim is a developer and researcher on the Tor internet privacy network. Their current focus is safely collecting network usage statistics. They have completed a Bachelor of Software Engineering with Honours at the Australian National University. Tim is a strong advocate for human rights, focusing on privacy and freedom of access for all.

"We need to work together to build a free internet: safer, more secure, and more private. We can design tools that give people control over the information they share online. But tools can’t change government or corporate policy. We also need to build strong communities which can demand change."