DEFCON Toronto Meetup

6:00pm - 9:00pm (Technical Talks)

Talks & Presenters:

Talk #1:
Tor: Internet privacy in the age of big surveillance
Tor is a free-software anonymizing network that helps people around the
world use the Internet in safety. Tor's 8000 volunteer relays carry
traffic for millions of daily users, including ordinary citizens who
want protection from identity theft and prying corporations, corporations
who want to look at a competitor's website in private, people around the
world whose Internet connections are censored, and even governments and
law enforcement.

In this talk I'll take you on a tour of the Tor landscape, starting
with a crash course on Tor, how it works, and what security it provides.
I'll explain why Tor's open design and radical approach to transparency
are critical to its success, and then compare the censorship circumvention
arms race to the nation-state surveillance arms race. We'll end with
a discussion of onion services, which are essentially an even stronger
version of https, but which you might instead know from confusing phrases
like "the dark web".

Roger Dingledine is president and co-founder of the Tor Project, a
nonprofit that develops free and open source software to protect people
from tracking, censorship, and surveillance online. Wearing one hat,
Roger works with journalists and activists on many continents to help them
understand and defend against the threats they face. Wearing another,
he is a lead researcher in the online anonymity field, coordinating
and mentoring academic researchers working on Tor-related topics. Since
2002 he has helped organize the yearly international Privacy Enhancing
Technologies Symposium (PETS). Among his achievements, Roger was chosen
by the MIT Technology Review as one of its top 35 innovators under 35,
he co-authored the Tor design paper that won the Usenix Security "Test
of Time" award, and he has been recognized by Foreign Policy magazine
as one of its top 100 global thinkers.

Talk #2:
Building Machine Learning at Scale to Detect Post-exploitation Attacks
In this talk ROY Firestein will talk about how his team deployed a machine-learning pipeline, with feedback loops, on AWS to detect post-exploitation attacks using logs from Active Directory and endpoint agents. He will share the architectural decisions and walk us through the implementation, deployment automation and tools used in the project. By the end attendees will learn how to approach similar projects in their own companies, when to use hosted machine-learning tools or run your own, and common pitfalls to avoid.

Roy Firestein, CPO at Cycura, is a seasoned hacker and expert in cyber security, business development and project management. He has a background in security, research management, marketing, sales and is a frequent speaker in security conferences. Roy's passion lies in Big Data and Machine Learning, especially when applied to cyber security.

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