WoSec and InfoSecGirls Workshop (Pune)

The purpose of WoSec and InfoSecGirls is to develop leadership, promote active membership and participation, and contributions by security professional communities, globally and locally.

Time: 11AM - 2PM (IST)

Title: Working with secured authenticated v3 onion services for devops

Requirements: Any modern Linux distribution (latest Ubuntu or Fedora is preferable)

Time: Around 2 hours

We will learn about Onion services and especially the authenticated onion services. We will see how can we use the same for any web application or authenticated services for selected folks.


- Introduction to Tor project
- Onion services 101
- Deploying a website as an onion service
- Deploying ssh access as an onion service
- QA

About the speaker

Kushal Das is a public interest technologist at the Freedom of the Press Foundation, who is a maintainer of the SecureDrop project, and part of Tor Project core team. He is a CPython core developer, and also a director in Python Software Foundation.