GSoC and Outreachy 2020 Projects

by pili | June 10, 2020

We're pleased to announce that the Tor Project is hosting students this summer as part of Google Summer of Code and Outreachy, thanks to support from DIAL Open Source Center. We had a great set of applicants and have chosen the following candidates and projects:

  • Aya Hany - Introduction   
    Project: Privacy Friendly web
    Mentors: hiro / antonela
    The scope of this project is creating a open-source community-driven browsable list of patterns and release a css/js framework that web developers can extend and use in their work.

  • Barkin Simsek - Introduction
    Project: Cloudflare CAPTCHA Monitoring
    Mentors: gk / arma
    This project should implement a mechanism to track the rate that Cloudflare fronted webpages return CAPTCHAs to Tor users over time.

  • Caitlin - Introduction
    Project: Improve Tor Relay IPv6 Network Support
    Mentors: ahf / nickm
    With this project we want to automate relay IPv6 address discovery and reachability checks, so that it is easier for relay operators to run IPv6 relays.

  • Hashik Donthineni - Introduction
    Project: Snowflake Proxy on Android
    Mentors: cohosh / phw
    This project entails implementing a Snowflake proxy app that will run on Android and relay a user's Tor traffic to the Tor network in the background.

  • Krona Emmanuel - Introduction
    Project: OONI Explorer - Social Media Sharing
    Mentors: hellais / sarath
    This project is about making improvements to how findings from OONI Probe tests are displayed on OONI Explorer when shared on social media.

Outreachy projects officially began on May 19th with GSoC projects following soon after on June 1st. We are so excited to collaborate with all of our participants and are looking forward to seeing the results of these projects.

We would like to thank DIAL OSC, Outreachy, and Google for helping us to participate in and running these programs.


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