Introducing Bastet, Our New Directory Authority

by tommy | November 2, 2017

By Gunkarta (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Every day, millions of people use Tor to protect their privacy and circumvent censorship. Their connections are passed through the Tor network, which separates users’ identities from their online activity.

Thanks to Tor Metrics data, we know that the network comprises over 6,000 relays. But how does the network choose the route that Tor traffic takes through the network? How does every Tor user get the same information on relays? How does Tor authenticate the connection to any given relay?

Relaying relay information

The answer is through directory authorities — dedicated servers which tell Tor clients which relays make up the Tor network. Information about these directory authorities, located around the world and maintained by super trusted we-know-you-and-have-had-many-beers-with-you Tor volunteers, are hard-coded into Tor. Every hour, these volunteer-run directory authorities vote on and reach a consensus on the relays that make up the Tor network.

You can see more information on our directory authorities with Atlas, and read more about what they do on Tor’s FAQ

We added a new directory authority last month, increasing the diversity and stability of the directory authority system. The latest authority, named “Bastet” after the ancient Egyptian goddess, is run by Tor contributor Stefani. 

Get involved

Tor relies on volunteers to help us make the Tor network faster, more robust, and decentralized. You can lend a hand by running a relay or donating to the Tor Project.


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it was commented yet few months ago on this blog if i remember well : rotten cops (free-lance maybe & certainly untrust _ dirty).
- denouncing them is the best attitude (i am not sure they were allowed _ illegal means that this couple should go & be behind the bars of a jail).
- disallowing backdoor 'compromised' cert & disapproving 'deviant' behavior is a reflex depending on the feeling of honesty ... Tor is built on the human being , hopefully in this case ...
how-to purge all these shit*cert ?

- the links are redirected to the original article (http ?) written in dutch : unreachable by tor , ok using startpage.

November 03, 2017


What about the previously "announced" new Directory Authority controlled by the Calyx Institute guru Nicholas Merrill? Is there any ticket for it?

November 03, 2017


These multifunctional devices in the hands of the Cat-head God were used for transfer of knowledges and thoughts directly to acceptors mind. Also used as weapon and control different kind of energy and nature elements. Not all "gods" had at their disposal such tools. For example one famous demonic god, founder of three religions did not have such tools and organized an operation to steal them. the consequence of this theft and deceit and how these tools were used you can observe in modern society, its development trend, morals and other spheres.

@ Indra:

Didn't know that, very cool!

I too was struck by the appropriateness of the name.

In ancient Egypt, festivals honoring Bastet--- a goddess who in later times was regarded as the defender of Maat (truth and righteousness)--- were according to ancient Greek tourists notable for the enthusiastic consumption of considerable quantities of good Egyptian beer. Imagine thousands of ordinary people boating down the Nile, singing uproariously, and pulling up to attend joyful festivities full of music, dancing, food and drink. And in corners here and there, someone incautiously scribbling rude anonymous graffiti injurious to the dignity of palace and priest.

November 21, 2017

In reply to gk


Not the time and place, I know, but speaking of collaboration, here's one Tor Project should probably follow closely, or even join:
Why We're Helping The Stranger Unseal Electronic Surveillance Records
Amul Kalia
20 Nov 2017

> Consider this: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been going around talking about “responsible encryption” for some time now— proselytizing for encryption that’s somehow only accessible by the government—something we all know to be unworkable. If the Department of Justice (DOJ) is taking this aggressive public position about what kind of access it should have to user data, it begs the question—what kind of technical assistance from companies and orders for user data is the DOJ demanding in sealed court documents? EFF’s client The Stranger, a Seattle-based newspaper, has filed a petition with one court to find out.

November 20, 2017


Firefox updated to v.57 and it's wide open , naked it seems. Noscript was disabled as an add on,, saying it will be available in the future. I've been a tech since the 80's, I'm concerned that everything is reducing us all to completely predictive data file, and that the information gleaned will be used by anyone with $35 who wants to deny us employment, and anything else in life, because of who we are. Tor needs to keep it's rights to Firefox use but without giving away the farm to the Google spymaster. Anyone want to bet that their Google, Facebook, Twitter personas aren't being continuously sold to foreigners, corporations, and creeps?