Introduction to Digital Security With the CIJ

by Runa | March 29, 2013

On Monday the 25th of March, the Centre for Investigative Journalism in London organized a free event where journalists could learn more about digital security. I was invited to speak about Tor, other speakers covered OTR, TrueCrypt, GPG, and mobile security.

The attendees were divided into five groups, and each speaker had 20-25 minutes with each group. I gave out USB sticks with the Tor Browser Bundle, the Pluggable Transports Bundle, the short user manual, and the 2012 annual report.

I talked a bit about the history of Tor and the Tor Project, discussed a few different threats, mentioned hidden services, listed a few examples of real world use, and helped everyone get the Tor Browser Bundle up and running. I did not have access to a projector or whiteboard, so I did my best to illustrate how Tor works by drawing boxes, arrows, blobs, and stick figures on a piece of paper.

A number of people asked if we had some sort of document or manual explaining all the topics covered at this event. I mentioned Security in a box and the FLOSS Manuals, but also pointed out that there is currently no single document available, that I am aware of, which explains all of these topics.

I have previously discussed creating such a document with the Rory Peck Trust, which is a London based organization that specializes in safety, security and professional development for freelance journalists. I mentioned this again when I met with them the day after the CIJ event, and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result in a few months.

Thanks to the Centre for Investigative Journalism for hosting the event and inviting me.


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March 29, 2013


Does someone have troubles with connect to some hidden services like ? And others...

March 29, 2013


just jumping on the offtopic... sorry.
wanted to know what you guys think about onion browser for iOS.
i know you do not own it, but since it works using the tor network, is it secure?

March 29, 2013


Some links from Reporters without Borders may be of interest.

Reporters Without Borders is gradually developing such an Online survival kit on its WeFightCensorship website. It explains the need to purge files of their metadata, which give too much information away; it explains how to use the Tor network or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to anonymize communications; it offers advice on securing communications and data on mobile phones and laptops and so on.