Jacob and Matt join the Tor Project

by phobos | May 29, 2008

Jacob Appelbaum joins us to help out with:

  • developing a translation portal. This should help us find translators
    and make their updates easier.
  • coordinating the Tor translation team and getting parts that need
    translating, translated.
  • helping to better document Tor for non-technical users.
  • writing an auto-responder to use Google's gmail to deliver Tor to
    users who request it
  • helping to get auto-updating for Tor and Vidalia working seamlessly
  • maintaining the code that runs the tor exitlist
  • generally advocating Tor

Matt Edman joins the Tor Project. Matt joins to help us enhance Tor's
interactions with Vidalia. Specifically, he's working on:

  • integrating upnp libraries into vidalia to make it easier to setup servers
  • displaying Tor's startup status more visually in Vidalia to help users
    understand what's going on as Tor starts
  • assist with making translating Vidalia's interface and help files
    easier for translators
  • helping to flesh out proposals in queue on or-dev
  • helping to get auto-updating or Tor and Vidalia working seamlessly
  • tackling the "matt" section of the TODO file.

Welcome Jacob and Matt!


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