July 2011 Progress Report

by phobos | August 10, 2011

The July 2011 Progress Report is at the bottom of this post and at https://blog.torproject.org/files/2011-July-Monthly-Report.pdf.

Highlights include continued progress on protocol obfuscating proxy, a new bridge guard design, outreach, scalability improvements, orbot updates, and a number of translation updates.

Update 2011-08-15: based on feedback, created a plaintext version of the pdf. It doesn't contain the images obviously, but does contain all of the content. Generated the text file via pandoc. The text file is here, https://blog.torproject.org/files/2011-July-Monthly-Report.txt


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August 12, 2011


How come u make the report in pdf, when I get I warning that the format is not safe to view online in tor. Might it be an idea to include it in html too?

I used to spend the time to convert everything to html, but many many people cannot reach the blog. The pdf is easy to share, more readable, and contains the graphs of progress over time. Most people seem to save the pdf as a file locally and then open it themselves.

The browser warning you get is a generic torbutton warning that downloading files over the Internet may be unsafe. You can allow the download if you know what you are doing. The warning is there to protect people from things like Word documents or executables that can disclose your real identity. Adobe PDF files can run javascript and run inside the Adobe virtual machine in your browser, also known as a plugin, that can disclose your true IP address.

I'll look into converting the pdf into markdown text or something for attachment as well. The pdf is created with LaTeX, and not with Adobe technologies.