Major changes to OS X Vidalia Bundle with

by phobos | September 3, 2009

As highlighted in the release notes, the Vidalia Bundle for OS X includes some major changes. Many of these are for ease of use and user experience improvements. The release of OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) gave me a fine excuse to release the improvements.

It's best to un-install Tor/Vidalia and then install this new bundle; rather than upgrade. If you want to upgrade, you'll need to update the paths for Tor and Polipo in the Vidalia Settings window.

There has been a lot of testing since this test release of the drag and drop installer for OS X in January. The main goal was to make installation far easier, less error prone, and keep all of the bundle in a single directory for easier configuration and un-installation.

The changes are:

- Upgrade Vidalia from 0.1.15 to 0.2.3 in the Windows and OS X installer bundles. See… for details of what's new in Vidalia 0.2.3.
- OS X Vidalia Bundle: move to Polipo 1.0.4 with Tor specific configuration file, rather than the old Privoxy.
- OS X Vidalia Bundle: Vidalia, Tor, and Polipo are compiled as x86-only for better compatibility with OS X 10.6, aka Snow Leopard.
- OS X Vidalia Bundle: The multi-package installer is now replaced by a simple drag and drop to the /Applications folder. This change occurred with the upgrade to Vidalia 0.2.3.


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