Measuring Tunisian Tor Usage

by phobos | January 7, 2011

I've been following the crackdown on Internet freedom in Tunisia over the past few weeks. I run an unpublished tor bridge for some Tunisian activists. It's been used fairly well for the past 18 months, however it has not seen traffic for a week. Tor usage from Tunisia has never been very high, but for those who need it, it's been a lifesaver; or so I've been told. An example of what's going on in the country: Slim Amamou arrested, Global Voices' coverage of Tunisia, Global Voices Advocacy: Tunisia, and Tunisia's bitter cyberwar.

Out of interest, I wondered how Tor usage in Tunisia has fared over 2010. I wonder if Facebook, Twitter, and other social network services are seeing an increase of users logging into Tunisian social networks from Tor.

It appears we're having an impact in Tunisia. More help is needed.

This is graph of Tor clients directly connecting to the rest of the network:

This is a graph of Tor clients connecting through bridges to the rest of the network:


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