Meeting With SOCA in London

by Runa | February 4, 2013

In January I met with the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) in London, UK. One of the challenges when dealing with online threats (cybercrime/e-crime) is understanding which leads not to follow. My goal was to help them understand what Tor is, how it works (both from a user and a relay operator point of view), and what it can and cannot do.

I talked about the Tor software ecosystem, including ExoneraTor (the website that tells you whether a given IP address was a Tor relay), and mentioned that we list all official projects on our website. I also mentioned Roger’s trip to the FBI conference in October 2012, and talked about some of the experiences we have had teaching US-based law enforcement about Tor.

Overall, I would say the meeting went well. They learned more about Tor and the projects we are working on, and they are aware that the protections that prevent us from figuring out what Tor users are doing - and who they are - is what’s keeping all Tor users safe.


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June 27, 2013


As for your ( runa) contribution (like on to the To me it seems that the problem can never be really solved by negotiating with the agents of the prism - i do have it still with faceboook google, linkedin and so i use anonymox to interface with them. Solving the problem is critical for all the users of such services - an amount of billion users? Could tor have a service of which the end point is (static ip etc) like on aninmox, so that tor/anonymox would not just be swapped but integrated? Additionally could Out of the record messaging OTR be provided as a additional option?