New Linux packaging of Tor and Vidalia now available

by phobos | February 13, 2010

As announced here,, we now produce rpms and debs of Tor and Vidalia for easier installation.

When using ubuntu, opensuse, fedora, centos/redhat, or debian, you can simply add our repositories to your package management application (yum, apt, apttitude, zypper, etc) and always have the latest -stable or -alpha tor and vidalia.

This is a direct result of hiring Erinn in December.


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May 15, 2012


how to configure a bridge in ubuntu tor. My ISP blocks tor. On windows i use vidalia and it works. On ubuntu vidalia says tor already started.

The simplest way to get things working on Ubuntu is to use the Tor Browser Bundle Linux (from our download page).

It sounds like you may need to "apt-get remove tor vidalia" first, to reduce conflicts.