New Release: Tor

by nickm | May 15, 2020

After months of work, we have a new stable release series! If you build Tor from source, you can download the source code for on the website. Packages, including a new Tor Browser, should be available within the next several weeks.

Tor is the first stable release in the 0.4.3.x series. This series adds support for building without relay code enabled, and implements functionality needed for OnionBalance with v3 onion services. It includes significant refactoring of our configuration and controller functionality, and fixes numerous smaller bugs and performance issues.

Per our support policy, we support each stable release series for nine months after its first stable release, or three months after the first stable release of the next series: whichever is longer. This means that 0.4.3.x will be supported until around February 2021--later, if 0.4.4.x is later than anticipated.

Note also that support for 0.4.1.x is about to end on May 20 of this year; 0.4.2.x will be supported until September 15. We still plan to continue supporting 0.3.5.x, our long-term stable series, until Feb 2022.

Below are the changes since For a complete list of changes since, see the ReleaseNotes file.

Changes in version - 2020-05-15

  • Minor bugfixes (compiler compatibility):
    • Avoid compiler warnings from Clang 10 related to the use of GCC- style "/* falls through */" comments. Both Clang and GCC allow __attribute__((fallthrough)) instead, so that's what we're using now. Fixes bug 34078; bugfix on
    • Fix compilation warnings with GCC 10.0.1. Fixes bug 34077; bugfix on
  • Minor bugfixes (logging):
    • Stop truncating IPv6 addresses and ports in channel and connection logs. Fixes bug 33918; bugfix on
    • Fix a logic error in a log message about whether an address was invalid. Previously, the code would never report that onion addresses were onion addresses. Fixes bug 34131; bugfix on


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May 15, 2020


@ nickm: Very glad to know you are still working for TP! The recent announcement from the ED was worrying.

Despite the deteriorating fiscal situation, I hope TP can somehow assign someone to work with Debian Project to check on the health of the onion mirrors of the Debian software repository, which do not appear to be working. This was a fabulous innovation several years ago but it needs to be maintained. I'd also love to see similar mirrors for other repositories, e.g CRAN.

I believe it is important to pursue this during the pandemic because Citizen Lab and others confirm that COVID-19 researchers are being specifically targeted by state-sponsored hackers, and installing unsigned code is a too easy in to scientist's computers for the bad guys. Recall also that one of the revelations from the Snowden leaks was the governments had specifically targeted climate change researchers, including the USG targeting foreign scientists and academics (with no "national security" ties) who were attending scientific conferences in the USA.

I hope TP can reach out to EFF ( and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) with respect to opposing the EARN IT act, supporting federal grants for FOSS software and RFA (Radio Free Asia), opposing warrant less web surveillance, etc. I believe that political threats to TP (especially in the USA) are just as important as the technical threats.

May 18, 2020


Are you sure the debian update mirrors aren't working? I used them recently and they worked fine for me...

May 19, 2020


5/15/20, 14:23:39.980 [WARN] tor_bug_occurred_(): Bug: process_win32.c:891: process_win32_read_from_handle: Non-fatal assertion !(handle->reached_eof) failed. (on Tor 251efd11e77df6c2)
5/15/20, 14:23:39.980 [WARN] Bug: Tor (git-251efd11e77df6c2): Non-fatal assertion !(handle->reached_eof) failed in process_win32_read_from_handle at process_win32.c:891. (Stack trace not available) (on Tor 251efd11e77df6c2)

June 09, 2020

In reply to nickm


Can someone please explain what to do now? tor-geoipdb wants to update but tor itself can´t. Any other source providing 32-bit arm binaries?

May 20, 2020


With the latest support for the v3 Onion balancing, when will the TP Hidden Services sites switch to v3?
Any word on Debian going to v3?

May 22, 2020


The post says this release has code for OnionBalance with v3 onion services support but this does not appear to be true. Only the ChangeLog and ReleaseNotes mention this but no code for onionbalance is in the release.