New Release: Tor Browser 10.0.9

by sysrqb | January 27, 2021

Tor Browser 10.0.9 is now available from the Tor Browser download page and also from our distribution directory.

This release updates Firefox to 78.7.0esr for desktop and Firefox for Android to 85.1.0. This release includes important security updates to Firefox for Desktop, and similar important security updates to Firefox for Android.

The full changelog since Desktop and Android Tor Browser 10.0.8 is:

  • All Platforms
    • Update NoScript to 11.1.9
  • Windows + OS X + Linux
    • Update Firefox to 78.7.0esr
    • Bug 40249: Remove EOY 2020 Campaign
  • Android
    • Update Fenix to 85.1.0
    • Bug 40137: Remove EOY 2020 Campaign
    • Bug 40165: Update zstd to 1.4.8
    • Bug 40308: Disable network state partitioning until audit
  • Build System
    • All Platforms
      • Update Go to 1.14.14
    • Android
      • Bug 40190: Update toolchain for Fenix 85
      • Bug 40191: Update Fenix and dependencies to 85.0.0-beta1
      • Bug 40193: Build all mobile Rust targets in a single step
      • Bug 40208: Mitigate uniffi non-deterministic code generation


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January 27, 2021


The last design was to the point and much more aesthetically pleasing, why did it have to change? The combination of black and neon green was awesome and the slogan " Use a Mask To defend yourself against the surveillance pandemic. Use Tor." was concise, accurate and smart...

Glad you liked it, we did too! The "use a mask, use Tor" slogan and design was part of our year-end fundraising campaign, and was always designed to be temporary. Look out for a new design at the end of 2021.

And Tor Project delivered wallpaper. :)
...for six days. :(

One of the wallpapers is still on reddit. (Were there more?) If you get a server error because reddit appears to be blocking Tor by giving a 503 error recently, replace with

I thought Tor Project would put them on the Outreach page of the Community portal, but they used OnionShare. (Why?)

"These impacts are similar to those reported by the Chrome team for similar cache protections they are planning to roll out."

Why does Mozilla advertise competing product and even give a link its website?

January 31, 2021


Type: Fichier
Source: C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Tor\PluggableTransports\obfs4proxy.exe
État: Contaminé
Objet quarantaine: 675ce323.qua
Restauré: NON
Envoyé à Avira Avira: NON
Système d'exploitation: Windows XP/VISTA Workstation/Windows 7
Moteur de recherche:
Fichier de définitions des virus:
Résultat positif: TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen
Date/Heure: 31/01/2021, 07:30

February 01, 2021


I live in somewhere with speech crime. I don't want ISP to see any of my Internet traffic. Obviously, Tails is what I want. However, sometimes I need to use mobile. Is it possible to emulate Tails behaviour in Android / other F-Droid roms using Orbot and Tor Browser Android? I cannot use OrWall because I don't want to root my device.

In VPN menu, there is an option to select Block connections without VPN for Orbot. This forces connections to either go through Orbot or be blocked. Unfortunately, unlike in Tails, Tor Browser Android uses its own Tor. So we either have a Tor over Tor connection or a disconnection.

Alternatively, we can replace Orbot with a VPN app such as Proton VPN. In this case, when using Tor Browser Android, we either have a Tor over VPN connection or a disconnection.

I know both are bad, but which one is lesser of 2 evils? Do you have a better method?

Finally, to guard against potential DNS leaks, I also want to use a custom DNS resovler. Which more private DNS over TLS resolver do you recommend?

Thank you!

February 02, 2021


Hi guys, I'm stuck with this german guard that is really really a PIA. I read all the articles and I understand that keeping one guard is safer against targeted attacks. But please also think about user experience. When you're stuck with an unreliable, slow and unstable guard all your tor experience turns into trash for months! Would you add a "secret" button or option, just for power users, to allow a guard change (or better, locally ban a guard IP to be used) without messing around in torrc? Thank you very much!