New Release: Tor Browser 8.0.2

Tor Browser 8.0.2 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

This release features important security updates to Firefox. We picked up the necessary patches, but because we needed to start building before Mozilla was ready with a first candidate build, we did not bump the Firefox version to 60.2.2esr. Thus, users are fine with Tor Browser 8.0.2 even though the Firefox version is 60.2.1esr.

Known Issues

We already collected a number of unresolved bugs since Tor Browser 7.5.6 and tagged them with our tbb-8.0-issues keyword to keep them on our radar. The most important current issues are:

The full changelog since Tor Browser 8.0.1 is:

  • All platforms
    • Update Firefox to 60.2.1esr
    • Backport fix for Mozilla bug 1493900 and 1493903
  • OS X
    • Backport fix for Mozilla bug 1489785 for macOS 10.14 compatibility

search for the exact phrase inside quote characters.
when searching for, "your device does not have permission to access file", the results are at least two similar error messages.


October 03, 2018


In the old version of tor (less than 8.0) i could download the source code and recompile it( change the number of nodes for example) and create a new tor.exe file and switch it with the tor.exe file that create with tor installation.
but now, in the new version of tor the 8.0 and above when im doing that i'm having error- 0xc00007b-which means that i'm working with 32 bit on 64 bit or 64 bit on 32 bit. i found work around way that i can install an old version of tor(less then 8.0 version) do the update to 8.0.2 and then i can change the tor.exe file without any error.
why this thing happens?


October 03, 2018


is the bug fixed when i have tor browser in veracrypt and lock vera crypt and open, the torlauncher and torbutton wont start, is that fixed?


October 03, 2018


Latest McAfee is Quarantining the firefox.exe file stating the threat is
Real Protect-LS!8AC8CAD041C5

When searching McAfee's own site this is not found ?

Having looked into a wide variety of Antiviruses and I think as far as free options go Avira's Antivirus has the best combination of protection and respectful privacy settings. You've just got to live with one self advertising popup every two days.
That being said: I am a random person on the internet. You can take my advice as a point to check out, but you should do your own research into reading privacy policies as well as test results. ;)

This new update has McAfee quarantined the update AGAIN. This happened with the last update 8.1 too and I left a comment about it then. I restored this quarantined thing just now and rebooted but McAfee still quarantined it again when I tried opening the browser. I'm now using TBB version 8.0 because that's the only downloader I hadn't deleted yet. I'm using Windows 10 64-bit.

while remaining on ver 7.5.6 for now, I want to note that you guys have a really hard job to do and it isn't reasonable to expect it to be done quickly or without new problems arising

Staying on outdated version is not an option. Migration is really hard this time. But it doesn't mean Tor Browser Team should rely on Mozilla's patches & make releases without testing.

I didn't see these addressed so I'll add them:
- Tor still doesn't remember the size of the browser window, so those of us who have the menu bar open, or addons for tabs, always end up with a unique sized window that is read read by whatever tab happens to be loading.
- I can't login to disqus. I have added it to the whitelist, to no avail.
- I wish you could get sync back.

I have those issues with Tor under Windows 7 SP1, Linux Ubuntu 16.04, and Linux Ubuntu 18.04.

Thank you

Your window size problem is deliberate, to avoid fingerprinting. If you set privacy.resistFingerprinting to true in about:config for vanilla firefox, you will experience the same thing.

The Disqus bug is We could need some help investigating that one.

Does it work with NoScript

Gesturefy extension still not work.

No support for extensions.

Personally I don't care about that AddOn either, BUT: An AddOn not working might be an indicator of something else that's broken in the Tor browsers' code. For all we know this could be highly valuable feedback for the devs. Hence giving feedback shouldn't be discouraged. ;) It's still at least [i]related[/i] to the issues at hand.

I had TOR once, but am not sure I have it now. How can I find out?

This TBB 8.0.2 seems to solve the Cloudflare / Google Captcha problem. Thanks !

Cloudflare fixed it on their side.

It's going to be great when Tor Browser gets accessibility support on Windows again. I miss privacy.

caprcha still fucks my mind, none of recipts of this tread does nnot help

If you enable Media for the site before it is fetched, NoScript blocks it without any indication!!!

Do you have steps to reproduce this behavior?

Heh. You should have your own tests, guys! ;)
But, okay. Try to search something on youtube (Safest). You then have to enable Script on that page to see anything, but try to enable also Media and Fetch (beforehand, as they are not colored red yet). And you get in the console:
element has no “src” attribute. Media resource load failed. results
All candidate resources failed to load. Media load paused.

Also click on the first found video, and you get empty rectangle instead of media player on its page.

NoScript is also getting reset to allow-all every time TorBrowser is relaunched. This is a serious breach of controls, please ensure this is fixed!

new update (Tor Browser 8.0.2) color changing make feel worst. older green is feels good. specifically tabs (current tabs and other tabs) colors makes very bad. chrome only behave aggressively like this. now i am worrying and some bad hand interfere tor....

Hello! After upgrade to version 8.0 (x64) I cannot resize main window, only maximize or minimize. How I can resize browser?


Websites can easily see the exact size of your browser window, so if you are using anything other than the Tor Browser default, they may be able to identify you, possibly even uniquely identify you. For this reason, TB discourages you from trying to resize the window. Since different devices (e.g. laptops, tablets) have differently sized and shaped "maximized" windows, TB suggests that you not maximize the window either.

This might be OT but i have a question, a new version of tor has been released, but i remember the previous one was showing where you were connected, like germany-france-usa. I cannot find this option anymore. Has it been removed or is it still there? Thanks.

You can see the circuit by clicking on the left of the URL.

A minor improvement of TBB8: I can reply to more than one comment here.
With previous TBB,'s newer commenting software allowed only one reply, then the page disabled or hid the "Reply" link on every comment. The "Reply" links showed again after TBB restart. But as I recall, the faster workaround was to clear cookies or something else that did not require TBB restart.

Odd, I haven't been seeing that at all. In my recent experience at this blog (using the latest Tails, which uses the latest Tor Browser), as long as I set the slider below "Safest", and answer the captcha, the comment appears to be submitted properly (but presumably was nixed by the moderator, in cases where it never appears).

Why does Tor look different after the 8.0.2 update? The opening (Start Up) page is purple and there isn't a bookmark for check to make sure your using tor

Ever since I updated to 8.0.2 the start up page is different. The page is purple and completely different than the last version that I had where I could check to make sure I was connected to Tor. Is this normal or have I been bugged?

This is normal. This was changed with the 8.0 release:

in this version has a script, does someone tell me where is it located now?

Hello torproject,
why one can not unpack the browser-dir( [0] ) in the TBB-64bit-install.exe-file?

I don't understand the question. What are you trying to unpack, and how do you do it?

He asks why Win64 bundle is a normal PE+ (with [0] section inside) which cannot be extracted by common archiver (7z, etc) while Win32 bundle is a normal SFX archive.

I used to do this too. You could open the executable installer as an archive with 7-zip or other tools and extract it, and running it from the extracted folder would work the same as if you properly ran the installer to copy the browser into a folder. Not running executables from the web just seemed like the properly paranoid thing to do. I think I stopped because of a warning in the installation and usage instructions that any deviation from them means that the security benefits promised by TorBrowser can't be guaranteed.

Instead run exe, unpack it -easy to understand?
No problem with 32bit file, yet.

Access denied. Your IP address is blacklisted. If you feel this is in error please contact your hosting provider's abuse department.

take a bridge or a vpn (windscribe is free)

When I cut off network then close TBB and reopen, cookies are not cleared.

Did you select the option "Remember my browsing and download history" in the "Privacy & Security" preferences?

I forget to select "Clear History When Tor Browser Close", maybe it's my fault.