New Release: Tor Browser 8.0.6

Tor Browser 8.0.6 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

This release features important security updates to Firefox.

The main change in this new release is the update of Firefox to 60.5.1esr, fixing some vulnerabilities in the Skia library.

The full changelog since Tor Browser 8.0.5 is:

  • All platforms
    • Update Firefox to 60.5.1esr
    • Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2019.1.31
    • Bug 29378: Remove from default bridges
  • Build System
    • All Platforms
      • Bug 29235: Build our own version of python3.6 for HTTPS Everywhere

If you have tor installed using the tor package from your distribution (in addition to Tor Browser), then running "tor --version" in the terminal might be running the version installed on your system, but not the version included in Tor Browser.

That is a helper program which downloads the official bundle, verifies it, unpacks it somewhere in your home directory and creates nice shortcuts for it. It does not have its own version of Tor or Browser.
It should be fine but you may want to download the bundle yourself.


February 13, 2019


Is it safe to use cloudflare-dns : https://dns4torpnlfs2ifuz2s2yf3fc7rdmsbhm6rw75euj35pac6ap25zgqad.onion/

Run >>…

to get bootstrap IP Address

Firefox >> about:config >>

network.trr.bootstrapAddress :

network.trr.uri : https://dns4torpnlfs2ifuz2s2yf3fc7rdmsbhm6rw75euj35pac6ap25zgqad.onion/

network.trr.mode : 3

Regression still persists in 8.0.6, causing browser screen size to vary.

See reopened defect

After upgrading from TB 8.0.5 to 8.0.6, initial screen size was wide:1000 x high1000 with Bookmarks Toolbar not enabled.

Screen size changed to wide:1000 x high:978 after enabling Bookmarks Toolbar, with bookmark-folders with text and individual bookmarks with text appearing in Bookmarks Toolbar.

Screen size changed to wide:1000 x high:998 after quitting and restarting TB, with bookmark-folders with text and individual bookmarks with text appearing in Bookmarks Toolbar.

Screen size changed to wide:1000 x high:1020 after disabling Bookmarks Toolbar.

Screen size changed to wide:1000 x high:1000 after restarting TB, with Bookmarks Toolbar disabled.

Screen size changed to wide:1000 x high:998 after enabling Bookmarks Toolbar with bookmark-folders with text and individual bookmarks with text appearing in Bookmarks Toolbar.

Why circuit display no longer shows 6 relays when accessing onion services?

Where are you seeing this problem?

In an earlier comment in this discussion, I reported that with the Bookmarks Toolbar enabled and with bookmarks-folders with text and individual bookmarks with text appearing in the enabled Bookmarks Toolbar, my screen size was wide:1000 x high:0998 (MacOS).

Resolution: "Customize/Density/Normal" is the default setting in 8.0.6. Changed that setting to "Customize/Density/Compact" with the result the screen size changed to `wide:1000 x high:1000` with text and individual bookmarks with text appearing in the enabled Bookmarks Toolbar.

#27845 closed defect (fixed)

How do you check the version we have.?

In the hamburger menu (on the tor right of the screen), you click on Help -> About Tor Browser.

I only browse with javascript disabled:

-Is it ok for me to remove NoScript?

-Almost all sites get broken so I'm constantly using No Style/Basic Page Style. I wish I could safely assign one single key to
toggle between them. Is it possible for you to incorporate a shortcut editor in Tor Browser? (

Is there a way to make Tor Browser windows stick to their original default size? I sometimes accidentally maximize them or
drag their borders.

> Is there a way to make Tor Browser windows stick to their original default size?
> I sometimes accidentally maximize them or drag their borders.

Same here. I would appreciate it very much if there was some kind of confirmation-button to push before changing the window's size.

Thanks in advance (and in retrospect for the great job you're doing to make the internet a better place).

Since I've started to use Tor Browser, which is many, many moons ago, a yellow message appears just beneath the URL when I accidentally maximise the browser, or when a site tries to maximise it, or when a site asks for permission to maximise it. Apart from misspelling 'maximise' - as those across the pond tend to misspell much of (what used to be) the English language - the message should be more than adequate for everyone to respond responsibly.
'Maximizing Tor Browser can allow websites to determine your monitor size, which can be used to track you. We recommend that you leave Tor Browser windows in their original default size.'
There you have an OK button to revert back to the default size.
Perhaps we should ask the progammers to make a video tutorial with step-by-step instructions for those in their early years (which may prove to be equally superfluous than writing documentation or having a page dedicated to instructions for using Tor safely), which video could labouriously spell out click-by-click how to use Tor properly - with an added interactive webpage with many examples for practicing the lessons?

-Is it ok for me to remove NoScript?

No, that would make you fingerprintable.

To restore Tor Browser windows to their original default size:

If you clicked maximise, click it again to restore. If you dragged the borders, you can click the onion icon (TorButton) and click New Identity, or you can close Tor Browser and reopen it. Caution: New Identity will close all tabs.

If your desktop environment supports window snapping, you could adjust the window of something else (for example, a text editor or Firefox) to the size of the Tor Browser window. Then, if you accidentally drag Tor Browser's borders, you can set the windows on top of each other and snap each Tor Browser border to the other window's borders.

i want to hack internet

I'd like to add another search engine and use it as my standard: “MetaGer”, the address of which is . The MetaGer team also provide a hidden service of their search engine, which is http://b7cxf4dkdsko6ah2.onion/ . Probably this is one of the safest and most anonymous search engines.

My question: Can I add another search engine and use it as standard, or would this lead to de-anonymisation?

Thank in advance for your answer.

That's an excellent search page.
In Tor's (Firefox's) preferences, you can change your Home Page; copy and paste the page's address in there. When you restart Tor Browser, it'll display that page in stead of its default Duck Duck Go - which has been proven to be neither secure, nor private.

Sorry for answering so late.

The problem with changing the “about Tor page” into a different start page is that the violet “about Tor page” tells you that Tor is working correctly. If not, you'll get that red page telling that “Something went wrong” and that Tor doesn't work. If you change the start page, you won't know whether everything works fine.
That is why I wondered if I could install MetaGer as an additional search engine and choose it as my standard search engine. That could be done either by installing MetaGer from the Firefox add-ons page (…) where are special versions for the Tor Browser or by the plugin MetaGer has on its page.
Unfortunately, there's no possibility to install the onion version of MetaGer …

However, my actual question was if adding a search engine to Tor Browser's pre-installed ones and even use the newly installed search engine as standard could lead to deanonymisation, because there are so many warnings not to change Tor Browser and not to install anything.

So once again my question:
Might installing an additional search engine and use it as a standard lead to deanonymisation?

I can't get the Disqus comments posted on this website to open in Tor Browser:…

Clicking the "VIEW COMMENTS" link under the above article in Tor Browser just refreshes the page without opening the comments; clicking "VIEW COMMENTS" in other browsers allows the comments to be viewed.

Older builds of Tor Browser display the same behavior when the "VIEW COMMENTS" links under articles are clicked on this website.

Is this a bug in Tor Browser or am I doing something wrong?

This looks similar to this ticket:

No, it's a different issue. I can log in to Disqus on in Tor Browser, and post and read comments there with no problems.

I can also read the Disqus comments on other websites, like this one:

Notice how the Disqus comments on the above webpage just load automatically.

Unlike on the problem site, where the Disqus comments are hidden behind a clickable "VIEW COMMENTS" button/link:…

Try as I might, I cannot get the Disqus comments on the webpage above to open in Tor Browser, like I can in other browsers.

When you will correct the problem with Noscript that dont save settings?

thank you for all your work

When you will solve problem with noscript that dont save settings?

thank you so much for all your work

There is a pref that you can use, if you want noscript per-site settings to be persisted:

default NoScript allows all features - why insecure by default?.. is Tor now compromised by default??

8.0.6 seems to be working fine for me! Many thanks to TB team!

I updated to 8.0.6 but can no longer download files or bookmark sites.

What happens when you try to download files or bookmark sites?


HTTPS://P*RNHUB.COM keeps on loading. and when finally in only half of each page visible. I AM EXTREMELY AGITATED ABOUT THIS!!!

Go home and get a job!

Is not true, the verified Glitches..

Is there a web site list of sites that block tor?

I cannot find the torrc file in release 8.0.6 any longer.
Is it renamed?

You can find the torrc and torrc-defaults files in Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor.

UpDate on Debian Stretch only manually download

wtf (not verified) said: "default NoScript allows all features - why insecure by default?.. is Tor now compromised by default??"

Yes wtf, you are correct.

"Why does Tor Browser ship with Javascript enabled?"

to be "usable for the majority of people" = so that they are much less secure and much easier to be fingerprinted.

Not to mention location, camera, audio, GPU turned on by default - another guarantee of a fingerprinted device.

To harden Tor the first thing is to move Security Settings slider to Safest, then in Tools Options disable the GPU, location etc and other obvious tracking options. Who knows what fingerprinting is going on in about:config or hardcoded into firefox or tor itself.

I wish someone would tell me why I cannot bookmark pages using Tor 8.0.6 and whether it's a Windows 10 setting issue or a browser setting issue. I've posted many times about this. Version 8.0.4 was the current version when I got my new desktop that runs Windows 10. I never had this problem with my old PC running Windows 7. Thanks.

What happens when you try to bookmark pages? Do you have some error message?

Absolutely nothing. No popup where you can change the page name and the folder to save the bookmark in. No error message, no bookmark saved. Other Bookmarks folder stays empty as does Bookmarks library. When running Firefox, my default browser, I can bookmark pages as pretty as you please. Thanks for responding.

Is this something new with Tor Browser 8.0.6, or it didn't work in previous versions either?

How do you try to bookmark pages? What happens when you click on the star next to the URL bar? When this is working, the star becomes blue when the page has been bookmarked.

Thank you for responding. This has been happening since Windows 10 - Tor 8.0.3. Windows 7 no problem ever.

Nothing happens when I click the star. No blue. Nothing.

Please keep working on this. It aint me, babe.


So, 8.0.x versions before 8.0.3 are working for you? (you can test older versions by downloading them from

I've been unable to bookmark pages or links since I started using my new desktop running Windows 10 Home. It must be a Windows 10 compatibility issue, because Tor 8.0.6 runs perfectly on my laptop running Windows 7 Professional. I can bookmark pages and links as pretty as you please on my laptop.