New Release: Tor Browser 8.0a10

Update (8/21 7:45UTC): We got reports from users facing a weird update behavior: even after successfully applying an update to 8.0a10 the updater keeps downloading and applying updates. This is tracked in bug 27221. As a workaround, please either use a fresh 8.0a10 or go to about:config, search for 8.0a9. browser.startup.homepage_override.torbrowser.version and extensions.lastTorBrowserVersion will show up. Switch their values to 8.0a10. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update 2 (8/23 16:20UTC): Today NoScript got released which broke the security slider interaction due to a new messaging protocol. We fixed this problem in bug 27276 and the patch will be available in the Tor Browser 8 release. However, there is no alpha release planned to pick up this fix. Users that depend on the security slider functionality are encouraged to use the stable Tor Browser or a nightly version (starting with the one from tomorrow, August 24) until Tor Browser 8 and the next regular alpha release get out. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Tor Browser 8.0a10 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

It is the second alpha release based on Firefox ESR 60 and contains a number of improvements and bug fixes. The highlights are the following features and major bug fixes:

  1. This alpha includes big changes to the user onboarding experience, and there are more to come.
  2. We included a revamped start page (special thanks to Mark and Kathy for the implementation on short notice).
  3. The meek pluggable transport should be fully functional now.
  4. We audited and enabled HTTP2 which should give performance improvements on many websites.
  5. We added another bunch of locales and ship our bundles now additionally in ca, ga-IE, id, is, and nb-NO.

For Windows users we worked around a bug in mingw-w64 which affected updates on Windows (64bit) resulting in intermittent update failures. Moreover, we finally enabled hardware acceleration for improved browser rendering performance after applying a fix for a long-standing bug, which often caused crashes on Windows systems with graphics cards, e.g. from Nvidia.

The Tor version we ship is now and it would be a good time now to report client issues, noticed with this release candidate or previous alpha releases, in case they did not get fixed so far.

Known Issues

We already collected a number of unresolved bugs since Tor Browser 8.0a9 and tagged them with our ff60-esr keyword to keep them on our radar. The most important ones are listed below:

  1. On Windows localized builds on first start the about:tor page is not shown, rather a weird XML error is visible.
  2. Maybe related to the previous item, NoScript does not seem to work properly on Windows builds right now.
  3. We are not done yet with reviewing the network code changes between ESR52 and ESR60. While we don't expect that proxy bypass bugs got introduced between those ESR series, we can't rule it out yet.
  4. We disable Stylo on macOS due to reproducibility issues we need to investigate and fix. This will likely not get fixed for Tor Browser 8, as we need some baking time on our nightly/alpha channel before we are sure there are no reproducibility/stability regressions. The tentative plan is to get it ready for Tor Browser 8.5.

Note: This alpha release is the second one that gets signed with a new Tor Browser subkey, as the currently used one is about to expire. Its fingerprint is: 1107 75B5 D101 FB36 BC6C  911B EB77 4491 D9FF 06E2. We plan to use it for the stable series, too, once Tor Browser 8 gets released.

The full changelog since Tor Browser 8.0a9 is:

  • All platforms
    • Update Tor to
    • Update Torbutton to 2.0.2
      • Bug 26960: Implement new about:tor start page
      • Bug 26961: Implement new user onboarding
      • Bug 26321: Move 'New Identity', 'New Circuit' to File, hamburger menus
      • Bug 26590: Use new svg.disabled pref in security slider
      • Bug 26655: Adjust color and size of onion button
      • Bug 26500: Reposition circuit display relay icon for RTL locales
      • Bug 26409: Remove spoofed locale implementation
      • Bug 26189: Remove content-policy.js
      • Bug 27129: Add locales ca, ga, id, is, nb
      • Translations update
    • Update Tor Launcher to
      • Bug 26985: Help button icons missing
      • Bug 25509: Improve the proxy help text
      • Bug 27129: Add locales ca, ga, id, is, nb
      • Translations update
    • Update NoScript to
    • Update meek to 0.31
      • Bug 26477: Make meek extension compatible with ESR 60
    • Bug 27082: Enable a limited UITour for user onboarding
    • Bug 26961: New user onboarding
    • Bug 14952: Enable HTTP2 and AltSvc
      • Bug 25735: Tor Browser stalls while loading Facebook login page
    • Bug 17252: Enable TLS session identifiers with first-party isolation
    • Bug 26353: Prevent speculative connects that violate first-party isolation
    • Bug 24056: Use en-US strings in HTML forms if locale is spoofed to english
    • Bug 26456: HTTP .onion sites inherit previous page's certificate information
    • Bug 26321: Move 'New Identity', 'New Circuit' to File, hamburger menus
    • Bug 26833: Backport Mozilla's bug 1473247
    • Bug 26628: Backport Mozilla's bug 1470156
    • Bug 26237: Clean up toolbar for ESR60-based Tor Browser
    • Bug 26519: Avoid Firefox icons in ESR60
    • Bug 26039: Load our preferences that modify extensions (fixup)
    • Bug 26515: Update Tor Browser blog post URLs
    • Bug 27129: Add locales ca, ga, id, is, nb
    • Bug 26216: Fix broken MAR file generation
    • Bug 26409: Remove spoofed locale implementation
    • Bug 26603: Remove obsolete HTTP pipelining preferences
  • Windows
    • Bug 26514: Fix intermittent updater failures on Win64 (Error 19)
    • Bug 26874: Fix UNC path restrictions failure in Tor Browser 8.0a9
    • Bug 12968: Enable HEASLR in Windows x86_64 builds
    • Bug 9145: Fix broken hardware acceleration
    • Update tbb-windows-installer to 0.4
      • Bug 26355: Update tbb-windows-installer to check for Windows7+
    • Bug 26355: Require Windows7+ for updates to Tor Browser 8
  • OS X
    • Bug 26795: Bump snowflake to 6077141f4a for bug 25600
  • Linux
    • Bug 25485: Unbreak Tor Browser on systems with newer libstdc++
    • Bug 20866: Fix OpenGL software rendering on systems with newer libstdc++
    • Bug 26951+18022: Fix execdesktop argument passing
    • Bug 26795: Bump snowflake to 6077141f4a for bug 25600
  • Build System
    • All
      • Bug 26410: Stop using old MAR format in the alpha series
      • Bug 27020: RBM build fails with runc version 1.0.1
      • Bug 26949: Use GitHub repository for STIX
      • Bug 26773: Add --verbose to the ./mach build flag for firefox
      • Bug 26569: Redirect pre-8.0a9 alpha users to a separate update directory
      • Bug 26319: Don't package up Tor Browser in the `mach package` step
    • OS X
      • Bug 26489: Fix .app directory name in tools/dmg2mar
    • Windows
      • Bug 27152: Use mozilla/fxc2.git for the fxc2 repository

More probably dead prefs:
dom.enable_user_timing (maybe replaced by dom.performance.enable_user_timing_logging and covered by privacy.resistFingerprinting?),
privacy.suppressModifierKeyEvents (covered by privacy.resistFingerprinting?),
privacy.use_utc_timezone (covered by privacy.resistFingerprinting?)

Also, security.tls.version.max is 4 (which means TLS 1.3 support) in FF ESR 60, but 3 in Tor Browser (TLS 1.2 supported but not 1.3). Any reason for not allowing TLS 1.3 yet?


August 24, 2018


Hello to Tor Developers, the bookmarks do not work with this version. I'll stick with the old one for now. Thank you for your hard work.


August 27, 2018


Security Check on Facebook is broken on stable TBB 7.5.6!

Security check failed

You didn't correctly type the word in the box.
Security Check
Why am I seeing this?


August 30, 2018


the addon uBlock Origin is not working with this version of tor browser and other addons .

I just visited on my newly installed TOR Browser 8.0 and I'm able to see my device information. I have a Mac running OS X and I can see that information on It should be showing my device as a PC running Windows and not a Mac running OS X.

do i need to install https everywhere ? cause i cant see Block all unencrypted requests check button by default

Upgraded Tor September 5 for Mac OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks) and it can not load anymore. Get a warning message it cannot start. Will try a new fresh download and see if it works.

Hi. Tor Browser 8 appears to have a problem with IDM integration add-on (internet download manager integration add-on). In this update, I am required to download the new IDM integration for "Firefox 53 or newer" from because the new Tor browser uses a new Firefox browser, but when I do this I run into the following problem:

The IDM integration does not work on Tor browser when I install it and after I restart the Tor browser, the browser windows is invisible. Task manager shows Tor running, but the window is nowhere to be seen. I tried reinstalling Tor Browser several times and the same problem occurred each time I installed IDM add-on, until I downloaded and installed Tor Browser 7.5.6, which uses an older version of Firefox and thus I install IDM integration for "Firefox 52 or older" from the above-mentioned website like always, and I can download videos from online websites like before.

Please make Tor Browser 8 work with "IDM integration for Firefox 53 or newer", otherwise we won't be able to download any videos from blocked websites. I really need this. Thank you.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. I will check here again to see your reply.

I'm sorry. I forgot to mention that Tor Browser 8's problem with IDM integration add-on is on Windows 10. I'm running Windows 10.

For some reason, tor 8 tab crashes when directed to my local (Israeli) addresses. Worked fine before upgrade.

How can I reproduce that?

Hi, my updated version of Tor Browser 8 isn't working. It was installed on a Debian sid machine using torbrowser-launcher. The browser loads normally, but it does not matter what I write on the url, I cannot access any website.

By running the Tor Browser from its installation directory using --verbose as a parameter I get a lot of error messages. I have saved the messages here:

If I try to create another tab, I get basically the same error messages. No tab is created and I still cannot access any site.

By doing some research, I noticed that it may be connected to multi-process windows in Firefox:

It is suggested that I should disable the multi-process using about:config, but unfortunately I can't even access this configuration tab.

Do you have some suggestion on how to fix this? Do you guys need more info on this problem?

Does a download from our website work for you? If so, then please file a bug report at the torbrowser-launcher project.

have downloaded version 8.0 on apple Imac, in France, through update routine and get message window: "Tor unexpectedly exited. This might be due to a bug in Tor itself, another program on your system, or faulty hardware..."
Downloaded version 8.5a (experimental) with identical result.
Tor log is empty.

I have upgraded to the latest tor browser on win7 64 bit. I am using the NonVisual Desktop Access (NVDA) screen reader from version 2018.3.2. When I start tor browser with the latest update, I hear "establishing a connection," followed by "about tor browser," and that's it. This version of the tor browser is completely inaccessible. I suspect this has something to do with the initial versions of firefox quantum being inaccessible also; a problem which firefox has since fixed. When I run OCR on the tor browser help about page, it seems to say 8.0.2, and tells me that tor browser is up to date as far as I can determine. If this could please be looked into and fixed, that would be great. Thanks.

I recently downloaded Tor 8.0.3 64 bit to my new computer that has Windows 10 64 bit. The browser launches, but I cannot bookmark web pages, the bookmarks toolbar doesn't appear, the menu button in the upper right does nothing and customize gives a blank screen. Any idea what's going on? Thanks. sure looks related -- and looks like it was fixed in a recent Tor Browser.

You're posting on a really old blog post, so maybe an update to your browser will help.