New Release: Tor Browser 8.5.3

Tor Browser 8.5.3 is now available from the Tor Browser Download page and also from our distribution directory.

This release includes an important security update in Firefox, a sandbox escape bug, which combined with additional vulnerabilities could result in executing arbitrary code on the user's computer.

Note: As part of our team is currently traveling to an event, we are unable to access our Android signing token, therefore the Android release is not yet available. We expect to be able to publish the Android release this weekend. In the meantime, Android users should use the safer or safest security levels. The security level on Android can be changed by going in the menu on the right of the URL bar and selecting Security Settings.

Update: The Android version is now available from the download page.

The full changelog since Tor Browser 8.5.2 is:

  • All platforms
    • Pick up fix for Mozilla's bug 1560192

Do you mean Show your windows and tabs from last time?
Screenshot of about:preferences in Firefox: 'General' heading, radio button 'When Firefox starts' selected as 'Show your windows and tabs from last time'.For safety the setting is disabled and would depart from Tor Browser's design:

...[some features are disabled in Tor Browser] stemming from the requirement to leave essentially no trace on the computer revealing browsing activity...using Firefox's permanent private browsing mode...
Ticket #26390 comment 2 (similar issue)

If it worked before, it was probably unsafe.


July 03, 2019


HELP!!. Tor browser hasnt been working for me on win 10 since 8.0.3. It launches with two windows on the taskbar. one window does nothing the other window is the tor browser but it dowsnt connect to any siteeven the welcome page plus C.P.U usage is off the charts like upto 60% when any instance of Tor is running. i cant exit normally and have to end the process via task manager.


July 03, 2019


Tor Browser Bundle in Win10 32 bit won't start unless I disable system-wide DEP (data execution protection). Is this a known issue, or do I have something wrong with my system?

That's the first time we hear of that. We ship the bundles with ASLR+DEP enabled, so it seems a bit weird that you need to disabled system-wide DEP. Do you have some firewall/antirvirus software that could interfere here? How are you disabling/enabling system-wide DEP? What error are you getting if you start Tor Browser but do not disable system-wide DEP?

Hello. I want to download Tor but my computer is too old it seems like. you guys require a newer software version of the MAC that is not available for this model of mine. Is there any way i can download an older model of you guyses ?

No, macOS 10.9 is the minimum version that Firefox requires. We followed that with Tor Browser.

You could try booting into Tails.

It is ok using the Whoer web proxy add on ?

From 1 July Tor Browser not starting by itself. Just after clicking on tor icon, tor appears to download >40MB's of data, then gpg has the CPU at 50-60% and tor won't start. Have left it for over half an hour sometimes and gpg never finishes. If I stop gpg process tor immediately brings up 'Establishing a Connection' window and starts. Are using 8.5.3 on Kubuntu bionic 32-bits. I think tor was updated on that day.
Am I creating a security problem by stopping this gpg process? , as its the only way to get tor working.

Are you using torbrowser-launcher on your system? Please stop doing so, it is not recommended. Instead you should download the Linux bundle from our website. You'll get automatic updates with Tor Browser's internal updater. I think the problem is that torbrowser-launcher relies on Tor Browser's gpg signing key for checking for a good update but that key got recently horribly spammed which causes your gpg process to block launching the browser. For background on this issue, see:

Tors Bookmarks are not working in version 8.5.4
I can't save any bookmarks and you can't move them around or arrange them.
The Bookmark feature seems completely unusable.

Hola... tengo una pregunta.... porque al descargar "TOR" en mi pc en la que tengo el S.O. Win 7 Pro.. no me permite instalarlo, pues me sale el mensaje de que no es compatible con mi S.O. ... alguna solucion?....
Gracias por compartir y

Hm. Does a normal Firefox work for you? We follow Mozilla here and figuring out whether it is our bug or theirs first might be a smart idea.

Hi I keep getting the "Tor Unexpectedly Exited" error. Im using Windows 10 and I cant seem to find a solution. Just downloaded this version because the old one was giving me the same error.

What's the path you installed Tor Browser to? Do you have some special characters in it? Any antivirus/firewall software installed? If so which one? If there is any, does the problem go away if you uninstall it (disabling is often not enough)?

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