New Release: Tor Browser 8.5a10

Tor Browser 8.5a10 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

Note: this is an alpha release: an experimental version for users who want to help us test new features. For everyone else, we recommend downloading the latest stable release instead.

This release features important security updates to Firefox.

The main change in this new release is the update of Firefox to 60.6.1esr, fixing bugs found during the Pwn2Own contest.

The full changelog since Tor Browser 8.5a9 is:

  • All platforms
    • Update Firefox to 60.6.1esr
    • Update NoScript to 10.2.4
      • Bug 29733: Work around Mozilla's bug 1532530

March 25, 2019


This is your periodic reminder that the new Tor Browser logo sucks unfortunately compared to the previous iterations, please revise their design and have a nice fiscal year!

Give a link to which logo. Or do you mean the TorButton icon in the browser? They all look ok to me. Would you care to contribute your design or one you approve that Tor Project can release under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License? You said you prefer previous iterations but want a revision.

If you meant the TorButton icon, I made some mock-ups of it using official images. The first shows the current one for reference. Half show the sprouting stem, and half are the same images but have the stem removed. The link will expire on March 25, 2020.,ZVX2gSPkPLpu…

The source images I used:…… Icon/Onion_Color.png Icon/Black_Icon.png

addons.webextension. WARN Loading extension 'null': Reading manifest: Error processing background.persistent: Event pages are not currently supported. This will run as a persistent background page.

Could you please provide some context for this error message? What actions did you complete just before this occurred? Are you using the Tor Browser for Android app, or are you using the desktop version of Tor Browser?

Wow, a new guy in comments!

To reproduce just start the browser with proper logs activated.


Ok. My first time to comment. Probably last. First. Absolutely love this for many reasons. If i can do anything to help y'all. Hit me up. I'm also a developer. My deal is. On start up page. Where is the start up window. Ok. Ive always heard the only dumb question is the one not asked. Dont laugh at me. Im a green onion. Lol. Have a great day

Can U make easy to change country - with a world map an click
or something better . ?

Key event not available on GTK2: key=“u” modifiers=“accel shift” id=“torbutton-new-identity-key” browser.xul

Where is the UX team?

Pls bring back the ability for us to select specific country and not Tor auto selecting..

I'm now fixed on the country code I'd picked prior to the option being removed, which is simultaneously sort of amusing yet not.

Are you sure about? How did you verify that?

+1 if it's about selecting the country of exit node.

As boklm replied in the 8.5a9 post to someone asking to select the country:

I completely agree to Khay's plea to bring back the opportunity to manually select a steady country for Tor Browser for Android. It was possible by Orbot. Since the latest Tor Browser updates for Android you are automatically fixed on one country. Anyway I bet as lang as you use Android, Google is still able to spy you out even through the use of Tor Browser for Android. So why do the Tor developers debate security issues if bringing back the opportunity to change the country manually then? Android spies you out anyway!

Hello! Please tell me how to configure the excluded tor nodes in the latest versions of Android Android TB alpha? And the second question: Does the latest Android TB Android alpha support "torrc user settings"?

Hello! In the new versions 8.5a.9 - 8.5a.10 is it possible to change the settings of the torrc file? Make additions and changes; ExcludeNodes, ExcludeExitNodes, ORport, ExitRelay, hiddenservice....
Maybe you want to completely deprive Tor Browser for Android of these functions? For many users, these features are very important. If you remove these features will be a very bad browser for Tor.

We don't have this exposed yet, but have to think about on how to do that. I am not convinced we should make it easy to exclude nodes etc. because that has serious anonymity implications and we recommend against that.

Do you plan to enable Tor browser for Android to use other orbot? Or just open in it proxy ports? There's currently no such option and I have to run secondary orbot for other apps.

We plan to get away from shipping an own Orbot (this should happen with the next alpha already, in fact). I am not sure yet how we want to expose Tor Browser's Tor functionality to other apps, so for now I think it's fair to say you need for those apps Orbot.

Thanks gk. Yes, I need an access to orbot settings, i.e. to set it open for other apps which I like to run through Tor as well :)
Now I have two orbots running: one built-in in Tor browser, the second for my other apps. I think the option like "Advanced settings, beware" opening old functionality might be very helpful.
Anyway your work is outstanding, thanks :)

CAPTCHA on no longer loads the page when it's solved!

Hello! In the new versions 8.5a.9 - 8.5a.10 is it possible to change the settings of the torrc file? Make additions and changes; ExcludeNodes, ExcludeExitNodes, ORport, ExitRelay, hiddenservice....
Maybe you want to completely deprive Tor Browser for Android of these functions? For many users, these features are very important. If you remove these features will be a very bad browser for Tor.

I don't think we want to deprive users of specifying a custom torrc. We have for that. However, it's not clear yet how we want to expose customizing one's `torrc` file.

Agree with you! Access to the torrc settings is required! Thank you for mutual understanding. :-)
1. "Get Tor Browser for Android." > "Download APK" button does not start APK download (JS disabled).

2. Where can I download TOR only? Not browser.

3. How can I detect Tor Browser on WebExtensions side so I could use .onion?
browser.getversion() == "torbrowser"

What is the official way to use browser without tor? -> "Software user" area

Is this correct?

i think you should test tor with because some of the games on the website are not working on tor

some of the games

Tor Browser doesn't ship with Adobe Flash. Some games on that site run from swf Flash files. Right-click on the box where the game would play, and click Inspect Element. See if it says swf somewhere in there. Some other games say html5, and those don't use Flash, so they probably work.

If Flash isn't the issue: There are thousands of games. Please provide links to a few that definitely aren't working for you. Are you using the Tor Browser version announced in this post or something else? Have you tried lowering the security level slider? Did you leave NoScript and about:config at their defaults? Do those games work in a different browser? Bug reports can't be solved without suitably specific data or reproducible test cases.

Obsf4 breaks tor connection under whonix

Will you fix the image bug on mobile where you can't download images it'll ask for permission but it just ends there :\

Could you give us a link to an image where this is happening for you? Did you modify Tor Browser somehow or are you using it as we ship it?

I downloaded tor browser for windows 10 but it does not work it shows me a notification that the software can not be run on the pc what i should do????

Where did you download from? And what exactly does the notification say?

When I click on "copy link" is this information saved or where does it go. Copied a bunch but have no idea where they are. Thanks

"Copy Link Location" copies the link to your system-wide clipboard. Click anywhere that you can paste text, and paste it.

I'm confused, the latest entry in the block is for 8.5.a10, but the download page shows only 8.0.8. What's going on ?

8.0.8 is the stable version, which we recommend by default. 8.5a10 is the alpha version which you find under the advanced installation options. That one is for users that can live with a more experimental version to help us finding bugs.

Please find the image attached. As can be seen, the exit node says "Unknown" at the very end. Tor nodes IPs are redacted in the screenshot.

That link gave a 404 which is why I removed it from your comment. That said, it would be really helpful to find steps to reproduce your problem. So far, we did not have any luck which makes it hard to investigate and fix the underlying bug.

I've seen that gardian project are still distributing old and tracker addled versions of orfox for mobile. They were not capable of purging the code inherrited from firefox yet still distributed it. Quite alarming..

what's the story presently regarding the ever flowing stream of Firefox antifeatures? and specifically inbuilt google tracking?

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