New stable release: Tor

by nickm | June 30, 2021

We have a new stable release today. If you build Tor from source, you can download the source code for on the download page.

Tor makes several small fixes on, including one that allows Tor to build correctly on older versions of GCC. You should upgrade to this version if you were having trouble building Tor; otherwise, there is probably no need.

Changes in version - 2021-06-30

  • Minor bugfixes (compilation):
    • Fix a compilation error when trying to build Tor with a compiler that does not support const variables in static initializers. Fixes bug 40410; bugfix on
    • Suppress a strict-prototype warning when building with some versions of NSS. Fixes bug 40409; bugfix on
  • Minor bugfixes (testing):
    • Enable the deterministic RNG for unit tests that covers the address set bloomfilter-based API's. Fixes bug 40419; bugfix on


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July 08, 2021


This version has still not appeared as the new package on (nor, despite it being over a weeks since 0.4.6 was released.

July 14, 2021


I found out that on unstable wi-fi connections (packet drops every minute or so) little-t-tor is almost useless :(. Seems that current algorithm thinks the network is broken and extends the timers to over 60 s, so that tor just waits for something instead of trying to get the maximum from that interval.

July 16, 2021


"Obsolete" versions ( and are being run by 108 (1.22%) of 8882 relays and bridges that currently have the "Valid" flag. Version is 920 days old. Version is 875 days old. No major Linux distributions are distributing those versions.

August 12, 2021


Many relays are run on raspberry pi, the lack of 32bit support for Raspbian version of Tor is a problem for some people.

Tell Raspbian's package maintainers, or try a different GNU/Linux distribution, or build tor from source. (BTW, Raspbian is no longer the official distro. Raspberry Pi OS is.)