New Tor Browser Bundles

The Tor Browser Bundles and other packages have all been updated to the latest Tor stable version.

Tor Browser Bundle (2.2.36-1)

  • Update Tor to
  • Update NoScript to 2.3.4
  • Update HTTPS Everywhere to 2.0.5

June 08, 2012


First Thanks for the goooood work on Tor, really lovely appreciated !
I have found this alert coming sometimes, and I don't know why, when I start my Tor Bundle on Win :

It says :


Important Torbutton information!
Torbutton is now always enabled.
Click on the Torbutton for more information.


see the sshot here :


June 08, 2012


Sorry. This might come out as blunt. And you are all so nice and helpful. But what is the point of losing a few extra kilobytes of bandwidth with each download to pack NoScript if it is disabled by default?

It's not disabled by default. It is enabled, and configured to block plugin launches. It's a second layer of defense in case there are ways to trick your Tor Browser into running Skype, Flash, Java, Adobe stuff, etc.

(It *is* configured to allow javascript, which I assume is what's confusing you. That's not what we use it for.)

Thank you arma. I have been bombarding you with questions and oppinions lately. But I finally discovered there is a Tor mailing list and I'm about to join it. I went browsing through the archives and minutes before checking for your reply I discovered the answer:

Stupid me. I always take the time to go through all the tabs of the NoScript config once I install it on a new browser. Heck, I don't recall well, but it's probably Tor the reason why I use NoScript today. But, can you believe it? It never clicked that blocking scripts based on the name of the server hosting the file it's ONLY the tip of the iceberg. I read about all the other wonderful features, I set them up, yet the daily use of the button to allow and block scripts on newly found sites totally erased the rest of the functionality.

I'm an idiot. But, maybe there are a few others like me. Would it be too much effort to put a notice somewhere along the TBB pages to point this out in clear terms?

Now I'm off to put back NoScript.

What kind of a question is that?! Geeze.

Please, use a bit of decorum. And I would suggest the ignorant one (that's NOT the same as "stupid") here isn't among the Tor devs, or most Tor aficionados, it's the person that doesn't have a clue about the current state of a Tor forum ... note: YOU need only to look in the mirror.

A mailing list is just as helpful. And it takes a lot less overhead. Just head over to I too was unable to find it at first. There you have quite a few options.

I doubt very much stupid people could do what they do... If I can remember correctly it's because existing forum software is not very good privacy/anonymity wise, but I could be mistaken.


June 10, 2012


What happened to Polipo, I had to pull it and the config file from the previous install file. Is anything else missing we should know about?


June 11, 2012


Im the anon from June 8th, 2012 that had the problem with the annoying torbutton alert
I found how to remove it, just add this line to the prefs.js :

user_pref("extensions.torbutton.prompt_torbrowser", false);

and it does the job !

Hi. you said that you just add this line to the prefs.js: user_pref("extensions.torbutton.prompt_torbrowser", false)
That sounds a good way to remove it. I had the same problem with the torbutton alert. The only problem is that I can't find the prefs.js. Where is this file located? Tkx a million.


June 12, 2012


Does anyone else have problems with savings files to the hard disk with "Save Link As" ???

When you click on a link in Tor Browser that leads to a file, Tor Browser warns you:

"An External Application is Needed to Handle: XXXX. External applications are NOT Tor safe by default and can unmask you. IF THIS FILE IS UNTRUSTED, YOU SHOULD EITHER SAVE IT OR VIEW IT OFFLINE WHILE IN A VM..."

Ironically when I then Right-Click on the link and choose "Save link as" (to save the file to my computer) it shows the exact same message as above.



June 13, 2012


what does this message mean, pls, and what if anything should i do about it? i think it happens when i shut off my WiFi to go offline if i want to read a .pdf or open something else that i've downloaded:

Jun 11 22:53:34.776 [Warning] Weighted bandwidth is 0.000000 in node selection for rule weight as guard

sometimes i've seen it on single lines interspersed with Vidalia's regular 'working lines', and occasionally there's a chunk of it one after the other repeating for 10-15 lines in the Log ... is there something critical happening, or is turning my WiFi back on sufficient? i didn't catch it until 2hrs after it happened, so am not sure if shutting off Airport/WiFi is related to this message ...

also: at Shutdown, i have Vidalia 'Stop Tor', then 'Exit' ... should i do the same before putting computer into Sleep, or if i walk away from computer and get hung up and computer goes to sleep on its own?
thankyou kindly

PS: the sig-confirm file for the newest of the new TBBs leads to a 404 / 'URL /dist/torbrowser/osx/ was not found on this server'


June 22, 2012


Hi. Appreciate what you are all doing, always appreciate open code.

But really can't understand the new settings of
-Torbutton is now always enabled
-Disable button and hotkeys to prevent accidental toggle

So upon each browser startup now, tor proxy is automatically enabled and there is no visible button to disable it? I have to go into browser add-on option just to get around this?? Seems an inconvenient combination of settings personally. Just wondering why this way now.