New Tor Browser Bundles with Firefox 17.0.5esr

by erinn | April 5, 2013

All of the Tor Browser Bundles have been updated to the latest Firefox 17.0.5esr.

Tor Browser Bundle (2.3.25-6)

  • Update Firefox to 17.0.5esr
  • Update NoScript to 2.6.59

Tor Browser Bundle (2.4.11-alpha-2)

  • Update Firefox to 17.0.5esr
  • Update NoScript to 2.6.59


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April 05, 2013


Re downloading, is it safer from a normal browser or within Tor?
Thinking of the attraction that running exit nodes (or nearby institutional servers?) must have for doing MITM.

If you do not want your ISP or network admin to know that you are downloading TBB, then you will have to download it via Tor.
(And to hide your usage of Tor, you will probably need to use bridges and/or a VPN)

Otherwise, downloading over a direct connection is preferable because it will be much faster and will also spare the already-strained Tor network some unnecessary additional bandwidth.

Obviously, downloading anything over Tor carries risk of packet injection from rogue nodes but this shouldn't be much, if any, of an issue if you verify the integrity and authenticity of the download properly w/ the GPG signature (which you always should).

Check the HTTPS certificate fingerprint to defend MITM attacks via SSL Interception.

I found this page about SSL Interception and how to defend it, a MUST READ:

SHA1 Fingerprint:


April 05, 2013


After installing Tor Browser Bundle 2.3.25-6 Vidalia tells me that I am connected to the Tor network but the browser gets no connection to any addres.

Happening to me also. Took comando off and using zone alarm, still happening? Tor was working earlier on the old version?

April 05, 2013


For some reason all the pictures anywhere I go on the browser have their colors distorted. Pink is the dominant color blue being secondary but nothing looks like it should, it's like watching scrambled cable channels back in the 90's. Any idea what's going on?

April 05, 2013


Checksums (GNU/Linux)


f8dff6706bc77b75091bb47efab54e162649efaca4ae23f85ea2aede420f5dde tor-browser-gnu-linux-i686-2.3.25-6-dev-en-US.tar.gz
1e1d1685461e8c088a08dd196420319d tor-browser-gnu-linux-i686-2.3.25-6-dev-en-US.tar.gz

April 05, 2013


I have complained about this before, but since the problem still persists I post my previous message one more time here:

My Slitaz Live CD still uses gtk+ 2.16.5 and there's no way to upgrade gtk+ as this would mean to rebuild practically the entire distribution from scratch. Unlike TBB 2.3.25-2 this latest version of TBB no longer works for me because once again (it has happened before) someone has built the bundle using a later version of gtk+ ... undefined symbol: gtk_widget_set_can_focus

... and I'm wondering why? Shouldn't TBB function in the greatest possible number of environments? Unless there are security issues with older gtk+ versions I see no reason why you are using a version that leaves some of your users behind. Firefox 17.0.5esr works perfectly on my computer. If Mozilla can do it, why can't the Tor-Project?

I think the Tor-Project should be using a dedicated, well specified and standardized build-box to produce its browser bundles so that the outcome no longer depends on who happens to run the build procedure. It would also be a good idea to publish minimum requirements along with the change log for each new TBB.

I too am experiencing this problem and it's really frustrating. I have no ability to update my packages and am thus forced to use an older version of TBB. I really only need the updated Firefox. Hopefully some Dev will consider addressing this issue for people with older systems.

April 05, 2013


After get and install obfsproxy 2.4.11-alpha-2 of Linux, I still get the warning of update from the Tor button.

Perhaps (some of) the new packages carry no updates at all? Have a look at a the post just below yours regarding md5 sums and also at another one further below (which begins with: "It appears that at least one release of tor-pluggagle-transports hasn't been actually updated.[...]")

April 05, 2013


The MD5checksum of tor-pluggable-transports-browser-gnu-linux-i686-2.4.11-alpha-2-dev-en-US.tar.gz and alpha-1 are the same

April 05, 2013


Changelogs for Firefox 17.0.5 ESR

MFSA 2013-40 Out-of-bounds array read in CERT_DecodeCertPackage
MFSA 2013-38 Cross-site scripting (XSS) using timed history navigations
MFSA 2013-36 Bypass of SOW protections allows cloning of protected nodes
MFSA 2013-35 WebGL crash with Mesa graphics driver on Linux
MFSA 2013-34 Privilege escalation through Mozilla Updater
MFSA 2013-32 Privilege escalation through Mozilla Maintenance Service
MFSA 2013-31 Out-of-bounds write in Cairo library
MFSA 2013-30 Miscellaneous memory safety hazards (rv:20.0 / rv:17.0.5)

April 06, 2013


Windows => Tor Browser Bundle

For several versions now I get "There is a security update available for the Tor Browser Bundle." message even AFTER updating,

The only way to get rid of this message is starting Tor directory from scratch, reimporting bookmarks, reinstalling extensions.

Can you please fix that? It's annoying, really.

>>What do you mean by "starting Tor directory from scratch, reimporting bookmarks, reinstalling extensions"?

Yep, exactly. As I don't know what setting is misconfigured when updating, I delete the old Tor directory and start with a fresh one.

"Exactly what? Anyway, you're supposed to extract Tor Browser Bundle without overwriting old versions."

If this was true, Tor Browser Bundle would be utter crap. And it shouldn't be called an "update" then as updates are meant to update an existing app without destroying its configuration.

April 06, 2013


The proxy server is refusing connections

Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.

How exactly do I fix this?

I also have this question.

I don't have an "always on" connection but have to connect manually to the Internet. The Internet connection software will run another application upon connection to the Internet if a path is specified. In order to have the Internet connection software locate the TBB in the proper directory, I had to change the path of the TBB in the torcc file to the specific path and not rely on the default path. I then get the aforementioned error message.

It would be nice if this could be fixed.

Is that "internet connection software" something provided by your ISP? You probably don't need that software at all. Also, even if you do need it, you don't have to have it automatically start Tor.

If I leave the connection open all the time, the ISP terminates the connection, so I have to re-connect.

Yes, I can leave TBB running all the time, but it consumes a large amount of memory, so it's not an ideal solution.

Nobody said anything about leaving you connection on or leaving TBB running all the time. Try connecting to your ISP without using "connection software." You can disconnect any time you like. Also, be skipping the software, you won't have to stop it from trying to auto-run TBB.

It's frustrating to see the 'please no unhelpful advice' when you failed to provide requested information about the problem you're creating with your elusive 'software.'

I'm getting a similar problem. My ISP is Time Warner in NYC. Tor successfully opens a circuit. The TorBrowser successfully loads But when I try to load any other page, even, I get "The proxy server is refusing connections. Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections."

I know I ran Tor successfully a few months ago. I didn't need it then so I uninstalled it. I wanted to play with it again today so I downloaded the latest bundle and re-installed. Now I get this.

I would be grateful for any help.

First, thanks to Erinn and all other dev's for your work.
Second, I'm no developer but this is how I solved my problem with
"The proxy server is refusing connections
Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.".

Since the last updates of TorBrowser, the ControlPort and SocksPort have changed.

Try this:

  1. Make sure that you have stopped Tor with Vidalia Control Panel.
  2. Check your torrc file. (FAQ: )
  3. Create a backup of your torrc file.
  4. Make sure the values for ControlPort and SocksPort are:
    1. ControlPort 9151<br />
    2. SocksPort 9150<br />
  5. Also in your torrc, check if you have a HashedControlPassword ? If so, try to delete this line completely. (Which is why you need a backup.)
  6. Save your edited torrc file.
  7. Check other settings in TorBrowser and TorButton, the values should be the same for each keyword.
  8. Close your editor and try to restart Tor from Vidalia Control Panel.

If this fails, paste the HashedControlPassword back to your torrc file from the backup.

If that also fails or if my post contains any errors, please improve my suggestion. Someone already suggested that one should try to install TorBrowser from scratch, which is also a good idea.

I also think that some developer needs to address this issue in the FAQ and in the blog since so many have this problem.


Didn't work for me... but can't improve your suggestion... TBB worked for me fantastically until a couple of months ago after I updated it... Hope the dev's fix it up soon...

Sorry to hear that.

The first time I got this problem it took me 10 hours to solve, which made me a not so happy camper...

I was reluctant to go through this process again, but since so many had a bad experience with TBB - I tried once more to replicate the problem solving process.

What I found was that to replicate this problem I had to have an (old) copy of TBB based on Firefox 10, and try to extract 1705esr over it. Applying the solution above, did not work! The TBB reset the old values for port numbers no matter how many times I tried. It was only when I closed TBB after setting the new values for port numbers - and then restarting TBB, that the new values were "remembered" and the "The proxy server is refusing connections" problem went away. This time I solved the problem in 3 hours. (So, yes this release seems to be borked in this aspect.)

But, as previously stated: installing TBB 1705esr or 1706esr in a "fresh" directory works instantly!

Some have reported issues with keeping old bookmarks, settings or addons.
Bookmarks and settings (NoScript, Adblock Plus) can be exported to a separate directory and then imported into the "fresh" TBB. Can't say anything about other addons.

But the good news is that installing TBB 1706esr over TBB 1705esr works without a hitch! (For me at least, hope it works for you also.)


Hi...same problem but I'm really green at this hi-tech stuff. Perhaps you wouldn't mind giving an old man some help?

I really like this overall privacy idea. However it is stretching me almost to despair when I encounter errors like this. I spent hours yesterday trying to learn things I never dreamed I would have to know just to acquire some basics! Then when I wasn't getting answers (because there isn't a way that I saw open to me so I could inquire about this issue) I did a search from StartPage...because of course I couldn't use my Tor Browser. It thankfully brought me to your Tor Blog Post. I am still in the dark but now at least I've got some hope of getting answers!

I've been a TorProject member for less than a month and of course I was told that a chimp could get this privacy world up and running in nothing flat. Now you know my category! When you say you "closed TBB after setting the new values for port numbers" could you explain that? My SocksPort is 9050 and my Control Port is 9151. I guess that came with my TBB version? So if I already have the new values why am I getting this "Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections" message? This has disabled me and I don't seem to have anywhere else to turn except this blog.
Dr. D

For those who are less techsaavy but worried nonetheless, here is where to find stuff the aforementioned...
The ControlPort is in the Vidalia Control Panel>Settings>Advanced>Address
The SocksPort is in the torrc file (found by going to where step 2 takes you, particularly), right-click open, then select notepad if on Windows.

I made sure these two ports were right first, saved, and did not have to delete the HashedControlPassword line, but if you do, it is also in the notepad torrc document you just opened to check on SocksPort.

Thanks to everyone here for helping me figure out how to get tor

This is how I solved this problem:
1. deleted the entire "TorBrowser" directory.
2. re-install (extracted the bundle to where it was before).

problem solved..

This is most likely a pure interim solution, and no idea why it works but:

Go to the directory Tor is installed -> Apps -> Tor.exe.

Then Open "Start Tor Browser" through the regular way and it works.

April 06, 2013


Where is simple program in C
"hello world of onion".c

Simple server and simple client. With check tor, hidden services etc.

There is . Also, if you can connect to any hidden service, most likely your Tor is working. I don't know of any C code out there that you can use to plug into something that you're doing.

Maybe that could be something to make checking your Tor connection lighter weight that the http request to torcheck.

April 06, 2013


It appears that at least one release of tor-pluggagle-transports hasn't been actually updated. As already mentioned, the md5 checksums for:




..are exactly the same. Also:
- 'About TorBrowser' still shows version 17.0.4 - as in the older TPTB
- 'Vidalia about' shows the same Tor version (including git commit hash) as in the older TPTB)

April 06, 2013


First, I would like to thank developers for their continued support. You really have given us a great way to browse the internet. While I always admire the efforts but I have few doubts too. I recently used "Tails" and found that there some add-ons which are not being used in "Tor Browser Bundle." Such as "Cookie Monster", "Adblock Plus". Although I am sure that you already are aware of that but I would like to know that why are these add-ons not being used in "Tor Browser Bundle" as well?

I again thank you for your work.

Is a different design choice between two different groups of people really a source of "doubts" for you? Why don't you ask those people directly why they made the choices they did?

1.) On the home page of the Tor Project web site, right underneath the heading "**Our Projects**" is a prominent link to Tails.

This clearly creates the distinct, unmistakable impression that Tails is an official project of the Tor Project.

2.) Both the Tor Project as well as Tails devs have repeatedly stressed that differences in configuration between each other can make Tor users vulnerable to fingerprinting.

In light of this, doesn't it only make sense that TBB and the browser in Tails should be as identical to each other as possible?

I understand that /some/ differences may be unavoidable but I cannot imagine this including add-ons in question. When it comes to /them/, it would seem that they either should be part of /both/ TBB and Tails or /neither/.

What am I missing here?

NoScript which is bundled by default allows JavaScript to be executed globally (it still has other security properties that make it useful) for the same reason that Adblock Plus or any other addons that filter-out content by not loading it. That reason is called profiling, every exit can tell if you have JavaScript enabled or not and if you use and blocking addon.

The exit would (at least could) know that advertises are delivered and if those are missing you are blocking them. The bundles would have to ship with a default list of things to block and you could tell Tor and non-tor users apart if that list is unique.

Beside the possible anonymity implication shipping blocking addons there are many websites financed by ads. Blocking ads by default in TBB would make the Tor Project act against interests of advertisers and website owners (that require ads to run their sites) without any gain on the anonymity side. Many websites are not Tor friendly, that will not be improved by making TBB blocking adds (that might be required for some sites to exist).

For Cookie Monster all I can say that "Tor Button" handles cookies. I don't know if it's conflicting. Including more addons makes the bundles larger, for some that means harder to download because of their poor connection. Or when getting the bundles via Email, because of the limited attachment size the services allow.

April 06, 2013


"After get and install obfsproxy 2.4.11-alpha-2 of Linux, I still get the warning of update from the Tor button." Me too.

Perhaps (some of) the new packages carry no updates at all? Have a look at a comment above that begins with: "It appears that at least one release of tor-pluggagle-transports hasn't been actually updated.[...]"

April 07, 2013


I know the comment box here is probably a poor place to report this, but I'd like to note that some of the firefox extensions mentioned in the Tor FAQ are hopelessly outdated and do not work on modern firefox versions.

April 07, 2013


Hey, some quick feedback:
The browser's privacy settings are set to "Never remember history". However, if you browse the net for a while, and then change that setting to "Use custom settings", you'll notice that you have accumulated a bunch of cookies. I don't have the technical know-how to figure out how much this matters, but the paranoia-friendly options are kind-of scarce: either close & restart the whole TBB, or, if you don't want to delete all cookies (e.g. in order to stay logged in to some service), temporarily change the Cookie setting, then go to "Show Cookies", and delete cookies individually.

I'd like TBB to come with a quick&easy way to clear out individual or all cookies, as well as DOM storage (set to enabled by default), on the go. If that's unfeasible, any hints as to which cookie-management FF add-ons can be recommended/whitelisted/not?

TBB already comes with a quick and easy way to clear cookies, browser cache, DOM storage etc etc. Click on the green onion symbol and select "New Identity". Clicking this button is largely the same as restarting TBB, but quick.

It is not recommended to install any additional firefox add-ons, as they may reduce your anonymity.

Well, "New Identity" doesn't seem to do anything about the cookies at least - haven't checked cache & DOM storage. When i open a bunch of webpages, then close them, then press "New identity", i still find the cookies from the earlier sites when i temporarily change the settings as described above.

Another place where earlier visited pages stay, is in "Show Recently Closed Tabs" in the History menu.

Which "New identity" did you try?

There are two: One in the small Vidalia icon in the taskbar (accessible via right-click) and in Tor Button. The Tor Button one is the one that clears cookies and cache.

Click-on on the large green onion icon just to the left of the NoScript icon in the Navigation toolbar. Click "New Identity" /there/ (should be the first option in the drop-down menu). TBB should then disappear for a brief moment and then return, freshly-loading the home page. All cookies and cache should be cleared and any windows and tabs that were open will be lost.

It just occured to me that vidalia also has a green onion symbol and a "New Identity" button that does something completely different. Make sure you used the onion button inside the Tor Browser window, to the left of the url bar.

If that is what you did, but it still didn't work, then it is a bug that happens you, but not me.

Report it to:

April 08, 2013


not connect in iran. connect pross maximum 20 %.
upgrade please.

April 08, 2013


is it safe to use latest version of tor??? am not using bridge becouse i don't know

April 08, 2013


great, all my plugins (\FirefoxPortable\Data\plugins) are not working anymore.

It is my decision if I want to run an older Flash plugin - Why the heck do you guys think the people cannot make their own decisions and restrict them like hell?
This is crap

With the disclaimer that I cannot speak for the Tor folks...

You may be savvy enough to make an informed choice in this area but I doubt this is true for the typical/average TBB user. The Tor Project probably feels a responsibility to put protections in place against these type of tinkerings that could prove fatal to a user.


this is certainly true.

Thus I would expect a config switch somewhere.
Maybe similar to about:config and then a nice warning.

Else it is just a no brainer - people are _not_ equal

April 08, 2013


Updated to the new TOR. Firefox no longer loads. Tried to download the new Firefox, but get a warning - Your system doesn't meet the requirements to run Firefox
I'm on a Mac 10.5.8. Any ideas?

April 08, 2013


The tor browser update isn't working for me also, others above have mentioned this issue. It is asking for an update, even after a fresh update and is also refusing any connections and just simply isn't working.

Can developers look into this asap please?


April 08, 2013


Torbutton is disabling all drag functions if I use any other profile but the bundle's default.
By that I mean cannot even drag tabs to new positions or drag to bookmark folders etc.
I gone through the standard firefox troubleshooting thing and torbutton is for sure the offender. Is there a fix for this? Tough choice to need to choose Tor or drag functions.

I strongly suggests against using any profile other than the default one. No anonymity guarantees can be made at all of you are running a non-default profile, you might not have any anonymity at all.

And about drag and drop, TorButton have recently has it's drag-n-drop filtering code rewritten. But since it works in the default profile, it is not a bug.

I can see how dragging to desktop might be a risk, but how about dragging a url to the bookmarks toolbar? Or using super dragngo or whatever extension to drag open a link in new tab? I have several other extension not included in the default which are near impossible to live without. If I add any of them to the default all drag ceases to function.
Wow, hoping for some workaround or better update.

April 08, 2013


for the last 4 versions or so, the windows tor browser bundle has failed to work for me.

after starting up the tor process, it goes all the way to opening the browser.
but the browser shows the onion toolbar icon beneath the url bar with a cross through it.
the homepage (which checks if you are connected to the tor network) shows up, saying that theres an update available, even though i have the latest version of the bundle.

but trying to browse to any other website other than the Tor check page, doesnt work. and results in the follownig error messages
"The proxy server is refusing connections
Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections."

I'm getting the same proxy server refusing connections message. Is it possible that this is caused by an insufficient number of available Tor relays??

Cna someone who knows how to fix this give instructions to this non-geek (non-expert) user? Thanks!

"The proxy server is refusing connections
Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections."

I'm getting the same message. Never had a problem with Tor browser bundle until this latest update.

Try deleting the Tor Browser Bundle folder completely, and then redownloading and reinstalling Tor Browser Bundle from scratch.

If it still doesn't work it may be that you use a software firewall that blocks the connection between the browser and the tor process. Try temporarily disabling the firewall and see if that fixes the problem.

April 09, 2013


I asked above regarding TorButton disabling drag functions. I forgot to mention it also keeps wanting to launch plugincontainer.exe which seems strange since plugins should all be disabled and when I checked, they were.

I hope to get resolutions. Tor bundle always worked as expected until the last 2 upgrades.


April 10, 2013


every now and then I get the same IP address (the same nodes), herngaard, formlessnetworking, etc. I tried restarting polipo and tor from terminal but still the same problem. and sometimes checking page show different IP than so everytime I choose New Identity, it is registered by but not by

Unless you really know what you are doing, you shouldn't be using polipo anymore. This may be an indication your setup is outdated and maybe not safe to use anymore.

But as for different IP addresses, that is expected behaviour. Tor uses multiple circuits, each maybe with a different exit node (the IP you see on check etc). If you visit different sites, or the same site at different times, you may get another IP.

What you mean with the "choose new identity" part is unclear to me, but a new circuit should be used when that is clicked (can be seen in vidalia's network map). That new circuit may or may not have the same exit node (and therefore same IP as seen on those pages).

April 10, 2013


The tor browser update does not work, no connections are going through. Can we have a comment to know that somebody is working on this please?

Goto "about:config" and set these to FALSE:

These have been around since day one, and TorButton and TBB have never addressed them.

April 16, 2013


Can we get a plain "Tor Browser" PPA?

We don't need Vidalia or Tor. We use a Client server method which eliminates a lot of the various problems associated with RUNNING the TOR SERVER on the same machine as the CLIENT. <<<<---- BAD IDEA.

If they are separated, then you MUST proxy. If you don't have the stuff setup to proxy, it can't get out... This includes malware etc.

We've been using this for several years now.

Since FF started with the "Google" release plan, that screwed over MOST of the Plugins because the DEVs didn't want to have to make an update for compatibility, so they stopped supporting their tools. If nobody picked up for the DEV, the plugin died on the vine.

The actual TorButton tool was far less complicated than this Tor Browser Bundle.

As many have said previously, NOT everyone needs to be protected from stupidity, or is a n00b.

Please release TorBrowser as a SOLE item in a PPA.

They'll never do that. They're too stubborn to just focus on a modularized Tor+hardened client method, which leaves us stuck with Firefox, Pidgin, and Torbirdy.

Notice how those are all based on technologies developed by Mozilla? Ever tried to independently fork a Mozilla project? Ever seen a remotely notable fork of a Mozilla project?

The lack of focus just sucks.

April 23, 2013


"The proxy server is refusing connections"

Ever since updating.

Using a Mac running 10.8.3

April 23, 2013


This is bullsh*t I can barely go on sites coz it keeps on saying crashed or proxy server can't connect or other sh*t. what's with the new updates? Stop f*cking updating and causing trouble!

April 25, 2013


Why not Tor and Tails use same browser and everything else? It always puzzles me! Also why does "NoScript" still allow JavaScript? (I can understand that it works just fine with default Tor settings.) That said, why not to include "AdBlock Plus" to prevent advertisers learning our activity?(Isn't that against anonymity?) And then there's "Cookie Monster", which can be configured too! I also have to say that we run with a low bandwidth, and blocking JavaScript and ads will surely contribute in that segment. Also I would like to know that should we use "SSL Observatory" from "HTTPS-Everywhere" or not to prevent MITM attack?

In the end Tor and Tails projects are both good in their own ways. But as both use same methodology in different ways, a user browsing over both of them should have a common ground.

I wish to see developers from Tails and Tor to bring out the very best to users...together! (Is it too much too ask?)

April 27, 2013


"The proxy server is refusing connections"

Add me to that camp. . . have been using Tor just fine until an update last night, now can't do jack squat.

Please help.

May 02, 2013


"The proxy server is refusing connections"

Same thing here with tor browser bundle tor-browser-2.3.25-6_en-US.exe on a Windows XP system . I tried those different solutions on this page, no success.

I finally reverted to version tor-browser-2.2.37-1_en-US.exe and that works fine.

May 02, 2013


I just tested the latest dev version (tor-browser-2.4.12-alpha-1_en-US.exe) and it fixes the problem, whatever that was.

Please edit my previous comment, no need to revert to 2.2 :-)

Thx for the good work, tor dev !

May 04, 2013


All these people, including me, have connection issues now. Is there a way to go back to a previous version and actually get this thing to work?

May 05, 2013


Me too. Never had the slightest problem with Tor or upgrading before. Comments about firewalls or settings may be well-intentioned but are just insulting our intelligence. We can't have all simultaneously screwed up our machines. This release is fucked.

May 06, 2013


Tor Browser Bundle (2.3.25-6)

Frequently crashes. Please find below the log from the last event;

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: tbb-firefox.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 5159dcb1
Fault Module Name: xul.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 5159dbd6
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0015ddbc
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 2057
Additional Information 1: 0a9e
Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
Additional Information 3: 0a9e
Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

May 23, 2013


I experienced the same problem of "The proxy server is refusing connections" with Tor Browser Bundle 2.3.25-6. That's because the Socks 5 proxy in Firefox is misconfigured to port 9150 instead of 9050. I reconfigure it through Tor button > Preferences > Use custom proxy setting > SOCKS Host port and that fixed the problem.
Enjoy Tor.

I just spent the last 30 minutes on this problem - suffering for 2 days with it. And you just fixed it. You are brilliant!!! - why is this at the bottom of the page though???? -it should be on top!

June 24, 2013


The proxy server is refusing connections- The same Firefox problem everyone seems to have though this is a month later. I downloaded Tor and it worked fine until the next day when I got this notice. BTW I am not so savvy that I can do the complex (to me) reconfigurations and gyrations that seem to be required to fix this problem so I guess I will have to go elsewhere for security until Tor solves their problems with Firefox.