New Tor Browser Bundles released (take two)

by erinn | October 29, 2010

We have some more new Tor Browser Bundles out. This is an upgrade to Firefox 3.6.12 which fixes a critical bug and OS X users' Torbutton will now show up.

Tor Browser Bundle for Windows 1.3.12

1.3.12: Release 2010-10-28

  • Update Firefox to 3.6.12

Tor Browser Bundle for Mac OS X 1.0.4

1.0.4: Released 2010-10-28

  • Update Firefox to 3.6.12
  • Fix weird Torbutton location so users can tell it's installed

Tor Browser Bundle for GNU/Linux 1.0.15

1.0.15: Released 2010-10-28

  • Update Firefox to 3.6.12


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October 29, 2010


Linux bundle issue is still not fixed.

Launching Tor Browser Bundle for Linux in /home/.../
No protocol specified
vidalia: cannot connect to X server :0.0

Exited cleanly. Goodbye.

Then error while trying to start vidalia:
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory - This is reason propably. Vidalia can't find libssl included in this bundle and libssl in my system is 1.0.0. Please fix it.

October 30, 2010


Are you guys going to fix the problem with the Mac Tor Browser Bundle not always opening the browser (only Vidalia opens)? Half the time the browser opens, the other half not. I have to relaunch it several times to get the browser to open. It is rather annoying. Note that if you install a new extension and click the "restart firefox to use this extension" (or however they phrase it), it also does not re-open most (all?) of the time. These are some pretty big oversights... in any case, thanks for supporting the Mac platform, and I hope it Tor improves on it! [I'm using 10.6.4 w/ all updates on a 2010 Macbook Pro]

October 30, 2010


I just tested Windows Tor Browser (non-IM) bundle v1.3.11 and v1.3.12, along with double checking two older versions of Tor Browser v1.3.5 and 1.3.9 and an installed version of Firefox v3.6.12. The result is at last one glaring configuration error in NoScript Firefox extension and at least three possible problems of the Firefox add-on variety:

Tor Browser v.1.3.11 and 1.3.12:

A). NoScript Firefox extension: it is shipping in Tor Browser with global setting of allowing all scripts!

B). The three following Firefox add-ons are all *not* disabled:

1. Extension: Java Quick Starter v1.0
2. Extension: Microsoft .Net Framework Assistant v0.0.0
3. Plugin: Mozilla Default Plugin (npnul32.dll)

In previous Tor Browser releases (e.g. 1.3.5, 1.3.9, and others) the Java Quick-Starter extension has been disabled by default. In the two most recent versions of Tor Browser (v1.3.11 and v1.3.12) the Firefox extensions Java Quick Starter and .Net Framework are not disabled. When loading the extensions under "Tools > Add-ons", the buttons "options" and "uninstall" are grayed-out, but the button "disable" is not grayed-out. If I click the "disable" button of either extension the extension is disabled and the button changes to "Enable".

IIRC the Java Quick Starter extension was the only local system-installed extension Tor Browser used to disable by default. The .Net Framework extension is new with the newest version of .Net Framework I think, because I just installed and updated .Net Framework a few days ago.

I am not sure about the Mozilla Default Plugin. I looked under "about:plugins" (in Firefox) and nothing was listed; thus I am wondering why it's listed under the add-on's window.

C). The extensions NoScript and BetterPrivacy are not listed under "Tools > Add-ons > Extensions". This is not the behavior of Tor Browser 1.3.5 or 1.3.9 (and other versions), and is not the behavior of installed Firefox 3.6.12 (and other versions). That means one can not uninstall an extension, or easily configure them, or update them (apparently).

D). The current version of NoScript at Mozilla as of 2010-10-30 is 2.0.4, but the current versions of Tor Browser (v1.3.11 and v1.3.12) are shipping with NoScript that released last month (2010-9-22).

This is the same person who wrote the message above. Will no one (psst. Erinn) answer me?

Why is NoScript set to globally allow all scripts!?! Why include it if it's neutered!?!

Also, what about the extensions and add-on's I wrote about that should *not* be enabled by default!?!

It's been enough time (days) for me to get a response, and yet...nothing. Why no response to these very valid concerns?

Hi, apologies for not responding to this sooner. I've been traveling and the blog software doesn't notify authors of replies to their posts. If you want faster replies to bugs you should file them on our bug tracker ( rather than on the blog.

To be honest, I'm not sure why those plugins are not disabled. I'm not doing anything differently, but maybe FirefoxPortable is. That is extremely worrying, so I'll look into it. I need to put out a new Windows bundle soon with some other fixes too.

NoScript might be worth kicking out of the Windows bundle altogether. It seems like a lot more trouble than it's worth. It was originally added to allow users to toggle JavaScript and to provide click-to-play placeholders for when users want to set Torbutton to enable plugins. But mostly it just seems to be pissing everyone off.

In any case, thanks for your very thorough report and I apologize again for not seeing it sooner.

December 27, 2011

In reply to erinn


how can i download an older version of tor, coz the new version doesnt allow flash players, so i cannot watch videos from youtube

November 02, 2010


You need a better changelog than that. I was mighty confused when NoScript was added and I didn't remember being the one to add it.

I agree 100%. I am not sure why TBB has gone down hill in the past two releases...

Erinn, please respond to us. Letting us sit here without a response to valid points/questions is not polite at all.

FWIW, I am the same person who wrote the issues about NoScript globally allowing all scripts and issues with Java Quick Starter, etc.

Erinn, or Phobos, *please* respond to us!

November 03, 2010



both Avira and Kaspersky report a trojan here:
\Tor Browser\PidginPortable\App\Pidgin\plugins\libaim.dll
[DETECTION] Is the TR/Swisyn.apoj Trojan

False positive ?

Thank you.

November 05, 2010


I have a big problem when I do use TOR to access my YouTube account since Wednesday night . I can access my Inbox but I cannot see my PMs , friend invites &... , also I cannot comment & I cannot change my channel BG &... since wednesday night because those buttons don't work! , I had no problem with youtube & Tor before wednesday night . I have no problem with other websites . this problem is not from YouTube because I have no problem with YT when I use ultrasurf , but I like to use TOR . Please Help me

I'm having same problem on youtube since last 3 or 4 days at least. I can sign IN and OUT, but that's all. Can't even get the drop down menu from my (upper right) channel button to get INto my inbox. Explorer, mozilla browsers both work, but with Tor activated, I have this trouble on You Tube.

Same with me, I am using Tor browser and I cant even watch youtube videos it says upgrade to higher flash or install missing plug-ins I did those but same results. No yahoomails and no messenger. I really am a newbie with tunneling, but the only thing I am enjoying is that I have free net without paying bills using Tor browser.

November 05, 2010


question for the Website:
Why is the new Download-site so ugly confused?
Only for me ?

Why have the manual, manual-dev no change-date ?


November 05, 2010


"I had no problem with youtube & Tor before wednesday night ."

If that's true, there was probably something wrong in the first place, but the addition of NoScript (as noted above) will block flash, for sure. Right-click on the (S) icon on your status bar for options. It will let you disable all sorts of protection there. Might as well use Chrome for that matter.

November 10, 2010


Several issues same as above. Latests script for Tor Browser falls down just as previous one did and as reported in Oct 29th comment. Because of this I installed Tor and Polipo as per installation instructions and achieved successful operation of Torbutton in Firefox with test link successful.

Noscript appeared to be running at the same time.

Following shut down and start up the next day and I cannot connect to wan with torbutton enabled. I get Proxy error 504 connection refused. Any ideas what is wrong please.
BTW why is there no forum for Tor?

November 11, 2010


I have the same problem with Youtube too, all those button does not works anymore. At first I thought it was my TOR that was outdated (ver 1.3.9) and came here to get the latest out of it, but i was wrong.. the problem still persist.. I even tried to mess up with polipo config with no luck

I posted this comment " I have a big problem when I do use TOR to access my YouTube account since Wednesday night ... "

but I solved the problem . this problem is because of firefox's new versions . I unistalled firefox 3.6.12 then I downloaded this old version

you can download 3.0.19 too but disable update for firefox

then I downloaded "tor button" & dragged it into the firefox browser , then I started TOR using vidalia before starting the old version of firefox with its TOR button . my problem has been solved . also I can watch youtube videos & other videos with TOR just like before . Go to tools - add-ons - torbutton options - security settings - dynamic content then uncheck disable plugins , isolate dynamic & hook dangerous then restart firefox , now you can watch youtube videos & other videos too! :-)

TOR is the BEST

Clown, this solution is not working!
I getting again same f*cking error: You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. :@


November 11, 2010


My experience has been that after one successful session using torbutton in Firefox it no longer works as described: If I tor enable using tor button this turns green but I get the connection refused error message.

I have now installed vidalia and if I start Tor using vidalia before starting Firefox I can toggle the torbutton and, when enabled, tor works fine.

Strange because it did work once without vidalia being installed. Any ideas?

November 12, 2010


The issues with Youtube was actually cause by Polipo. I tried Tor with Privoxy and it works flawlessly. There might be some reencoding bugs with Polipo when it come to some new scripting web interface like Youtube etc.

November 15, 2010


no longer works as described: If I tor enable using tor button this turns green but I get the connection refused error message.
Youtube was actually cause by Polipo.

November 28, 2010


Can I download tor and only use it with firefox and not internet explorer. I have xp and both browsers installed, and watch a lot of tv online. I heard tor could slow streaming down.. Thanks

December 07, 2010


Intel Mac, OSX 10.6.5
Tor bundle works fine from anywhere on my local disk. However, I want it to run off a usb drive. From the drive, Vidalia shuts down as soon as it opens, without any sort of error message. The usb drive has no spaces in its name.

March 01, 2011


:(:(:( Tor browser works fine in browsing and search but yYoutube wont work,everytime i open the browser it says flash player upgade.then i upgrade it and nothing.Again it asks for flash player upgrade again i download and install and still no youtube :(:(:(.what do i do? help me

April 16, 2011


Flash player apps won't work when TOR is on for security reasons, plugins are disabled by default. I wonder if this applies only to flash player or the same threat is for alternative plugins like lightspark. Does anyone know a workaround on how to watch videos using TOR?

June 01, 2011


I tried to connect to a basic site
And I got the below message?
Now I realised that because im not connecting direct to the whatismyip server that the certificate is likely to get thrown off, but does this mean ill have to start adding exceptions to every site that I visit? doesnt this just mean that im adding an exception to random IPs at the end of the Tor path my information takes?


This Connection is Untrusted

You have asked Firefox to connect
securely to, but we can't confirm that your connection is secure.

Normally, when you try to connect securely,
sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are
going to the right place. However, this site's identity can't be verified.

What Should I Do?

If you usually connect to
this site without problems, this error could mean that someone is
trying to impersonate the site, and you shouldn't continue.

Technical Details uses an invalid security certificate.
The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown.
(Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)

This likely has nothing to do with tor. Tor doesn't look at your traffic, or even care, it just forwards it through the Tor network untouched. Have you tried again and noticed it worked?

June 06, 2011


I can not get tor browser bundle to work, I get the error message "Tor can not connect to the specified proxy server" when opening it, and I can not connect.

Any help?

August 20, 2011


hi why adobe flashplayer10 not worked in Firefox 5 when TOR Application started(toggle to status)

i think conflict between this 2 application ! or ......

November 03, 2011


I cannot connect to any .onion site, including ones I've confirmed are up and running. My router doesn't block any ports, and if my ISP blocks tor i've tried using bridges, but nothing seems to work. Every time i try to connect to an .onion i get a timeout error.

February 04, 2012


Does anyone know how to fix the minimize / maximize buttons? They've shown as straight black since the last build and installing skins / themes doesn't help.

March 18, 2012


I like the Tor project but can someone please tell me how to get flash player to work in tor!!???? Dammit!

April 02, 2012


I am very disappointed with the TOR project, which seemed to be an answer to a genuine problem for ex-pat UK citizen in Australia being able to view BBC video programs. The inability to find an answer to the long running Adobe Flash Player installation block problem, makes the TOR project totally useless. There have been a number of promises to find a way round this problem but, to date, no solution.

April 18, 2012


Why is tor browser doesn't have adobe flash, it said to me when i go to youtube you need to update your adobe flash, I couldn't play any youtube videos with tor browser when it is going to fix or does it have any download tor version with adobe flash!

May 16, 2012


I found the fix for the error vidalia: cannot connect to X server
vidalia: cannot connect to X server :0.0

xhost + root:"nonrootuser" <-- that been the user you created