OONI is looking for a UX designer!

by art | October 15, 2016

Passionate about design and Internet freedom?

The Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI), a free software project under The Tor Project that aims to uncover Internet censorship by monitoring its prevalence around the world, is seeking a UX designer.

Up until recently, users would run OONI’s software (ooniprobe) from the command line. Soon we aim to release both a desktop (web based) and mobile client that will enable users to run ooniprobe from a graphical user interface. We want to make the user interface as usable and graphically appealing as possible to engage more users.

If you’re interested in designing the interface of OONI’s new desktop and mobile clients, please don’t hesitate to apply! Information on how to apply can be found here.


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November 06, 2016


A UX for uncovering Internet Censorship should have a visual representation of Ports and a visual traffic map of all nodes and data links & interactions.

Each Port can be listed as a number in a list on the side, and each active port is transferred to a main window of all active ports which remain on th board for a specified amount of time, or until manually cleared from the scrollable board.

Zooming in or out on the board makes the small Circular Ports with the number below them get larger or smaller in fewer or more rows and columns.

Ports could be arranged by most recent, or most active, or least active, or by date and time etc.

Clicking a port brings up a real-time monitoring of each port's traffic, and it's originating IP and GeoLocation, with Whois information, time spent at location, if its the origin or destination, and whether or not its a confirmed Tor Network volunteer etc..

A map page would give you a visual representation of the traffic's flow through the world map, and could be zoomed in to show its flow around a single country or region or city or even its flow around a single office or home or corporate network, by IP and Computer Name, OS, etc

The IP address can include any tracing information available, or any statistical or mathematical data harvested from the data history paradigm, to make assumptions about the user as either a protected Tor Node, or as a possible attacker or member of a larger Adversary.

It could map out all traffic without bias, simply as an observatory, and make assumptions of where government monitoring is likely taking place, or where data was accessed by a man-in-middle or someone sniffing ends or nodes of traffic flow, and flag their IP and location on a map.

Tor should also include the ability to bock on geolocations in realtime, via a plug-in from OONI maybe.

It would also be nice to be able to select geolocation of nodes used, to avoid using nodes in America or China for traffic flow completely. or to even block all American websites from being viewed, even if you're in America.