Pluggable transports bundles 2.4.15-beta-2-pt1 with Firefox 17.0.8esr

by dcf | August 11, 2013

We've updated the Pluggable Transports Tor Browser Bundles with Firefox 17.0.8esr and Tor These correspond to the Tor Browser Bundle release of August 9 and contain important security fixes.

These bundles contain flash proxy and obfsproxy configured to run by default. If you want to use flash proxy, you will have to take the extra steps listed in the flash proxy howto.

These bundles contain the same hardcoded obfs2 bridge addresses as the previous bundles which may work for some jurisdictions but you are strongly advised to get new bridge addresses from BridgeDB.

These bundles are signed by David Fifield (0x5CD388E5) with this fingerprint.


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August 11, 2013


Where is the FreeBSD build? I'd really prefer to avoid using poorly and insecurely coded kernels when there are better options available.

August 13, 2013


I just installed the OS X version but the green onion keeps blinking, saying I should update.

I think I have witnessed the same behaviour on my linux machine earlier today. I downloaded it again just some minutes ago and this time I don't get the message. So my advice is to download it again, probably there was an update some hours ago.

August 14, 2013


From Iran:
For the first time the connecting time for "Pluggable transports bundles 2.4.15-beta-2-pt1 with Firefox 17.0.8esr" is about 20 sec.
But the next time it length about 3 min or more.

August 16, 2013


2.4.16-beta-1 on the Pluggable Transports page. 2.4.15-beta-2 on the Blog page. Which one is correct?

August 21, 2013


It seems BridgeDB is no longer giving obfs proxy addresses?
the plain bridges work here in China... for a few minutes...
but its only giving 3 plain bridges, each repeated 3 times :P
and the obfs addresses i have from before are dying out 1 by one.

  1. Aug xx [Warning] Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at 90%: Establishing a Tor circuit. (Connection timed out [WSAETIMEDOUT ]; TIMEOUT; count 20; recommendation warn)<br />
  2. Aug xx [Warning] 19 connections have failed:<br />
  3. Aug xx [Warning] 19 connections died in state connect()ing with SSL state (No SSL object)

Ummm which 19 exactly?

August 27, 2013


Seems there are no obfsproxy is given in the BridgeDB, which are harder to block at least in Iran

September 05, 2013


九月 05 22:16:59.031 [Notice] Tor v0.2.4.16-rc (git-889e9bd529297284) running on Windows XP with Libevent 2.0.21-stable and OpenSSL 1.0.0k.
九月 05 22:16:59.031 [Notice] Tor can't help you if you use it wrong! Learn how to be safe at
九月 05 22:16:59.140 [Notice] Read configuration file "C:\Proxy\tor-pluggable-transports-browser-2.4.16-beta-1-pt1_en-US\Data\Tor\torrc".
九月 05 22:16:59.140 [Notice] Opening Socks listener on
九月 05 22:16:59.140 [Notice] Opening Control listener on
九月 05 22:16:59.140 [Notice] Parsing GEOIP IPv4 file .\Data\Tor\geoip.
九月 05 22:16:59.359 [Notice] Parsing GEOIP IPv6 file .\Data\Tor\geoip6.
九月 05 22:17:06.015 [Notice] Bootstrapped 5%: Connecting to directory server.
九月 05 22:17:06.015 [Notice] Bootstrapped 10%: Finishing handshake with directory server.

九月 05 22:18:35.218 [Notice] Tor has successfully opened a circuit. Looks like client functionality is working.
九月 05 22:18:35.218 [Notice] Bootstrapped 100%: Done.
九月 05 22:18:36.859 [Warning] onion_skin_client_handshake failed.
九月 05 22:18:36.859 [Warning] circuit_finish_handshake failed.
九月 05 22:18:36.859 [Warning] connection_edge_process_relay_cell (at origin) failed.
九月 05 22:19:06.171 [Warning] onion_skin_client_handshake failed.
九月 05 22:19:06.171 [Warning] circuit_finish_handshake failed.
九月 05 22:19:06.171 [Warning] connection_edge_process_relay_cell (at origin) failed.