Pluggable transports bundles 2.4.17-rc-1-pt1 with Firefox 17.0.10esr

by dcf | November 5, 2013

There are new Pluggable Transports Tor Browser Bundles with Firefox 17.0.10esr. They are made from the Tor Browser Bundle release of November 1.

The OS X bundle won't work in the new OS X Mavericks by default. It is caused by some changes in the new operating system release. We know about this problem and are working on fixing it. If you are an affected user, you can try this workaround of placing absolute paths in the torrc file.

The bundles contain flash proxy and obfsproxy configured to run by default. If you want to use flash proxy, you will have to take the extra steps listed in the flash proxy howto.

These bundles contain the same hardcoded obfs2 bridge addresses as the previous bundles which may work for some jurisdictions but you are strongly advised to get new bridge addresses from BridgeDB.


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November 05, 2013


Whats the eta on other pluggable transports? is there any development on them at all?

November 13, 2013


How to install tor browser pluggable version ?
Can some one post all the procedure regarding installation ?
I have tried but getting error due to i am using proxy server to connect to internet so how can i resolve that error , getting more than proxy server can not be used , U are using more than proxy server .