Releasing Tor Animation

Dear Torizens,

I’m thrilled to finally publish something we’ve been working on for a while.

The “Tor Animation” is a short video to help new users and members of our community become more familiar with Tor and understand how Tor Browser protects their privacy online.

The Tor Animation is available in the following languages for stream and download in two sizes of High Definition (~95M) and High Quality (~15M).

Arabic: HD, HQ, YouTube
English: HD, HQ, YouTube
Farsi: HD, HQ, YouTube
French: HD, HQ, YouTube
German: HD, HQ, YouTube
Spanish: HD, HQ, YouTube

Subtitles are available in Albanian, Arabic, Basque, Catalan, Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong), English, Farsi, Filipino/Tagalog, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. (special thanks to Karsten Loesing for coordinating the translations)

You can find all the files in this directory, which is also available via torrent.

This could not be possible without the fantastic work of the KAJART studio (@KajartStudio) and the Tor community and we'd like to thank everyone involved.

But we still have work to do. The idea behind this video and other activities like the UX studies is to get closer to end-users and understand their needs. So if you have an idea for making better videos and documentation, or if you're a visual artist and you can help us explain these complex technologies in simple and understandable forms to inexperienced users, please step forward and contact us.

Please consider helping us make the video available in more languages. To make this easier for you, we've added a version of this video without the voice over for download. We'd be glad to accept translated subtitles for any language. If you're also interested in providing voice-overs, please talk to us first. Send your contributions and any feedback to tor-assistants at lists.torproject dot org or contact mrphs on IRC.

Please download and share this video with your friends and help others understand Tor better.

And if you liked the video, make sure you donate to the Tor Project, so we can make more cool things like this.

With love and respect,
Nima Fatemi

March 17, 2015


Nice work!!

I would have liked to hear the sentence "they'll just know that you're using Tor" when talking about how you just look like part of a crowd, because that kind of thing can scare people when they first reach that "suspicious activity detected you seem to be spamming" page on google

March 17, 2015


Great work!

However, "this data" should be "these data," because data is plural, while datum is singular. So, "this datum" or "these data" is correct.

March 17, 2015


Misleading: tor does not stop you from sharing personal info.

Ugly: unfree formats.

Agreed on both points.
Still is good that there is some work being done!

Maybe a remixed version could be made to explain point 1 better. As for point 2, that is up to them to simply upload a different format (maybe someone will upload it to mediagobblin)

March 17, 2015


I especially like the buttons on the corpocrat's clothing at 1:10

March 17, 2015


Awesome video~

"No video with supported format or MIME type found" error when trying to watch the video thru torbrowser.

Please try downloading the video and watch it offline. -- or if you (or someone else) know(s) how to fix it, please let me know.

watching it on youtube works fine in torbrowser (just not here in the blog)

Actually the problem would be the format you used. Why not have it in WebM or OGG format?? Those are free formats that the Tor Browser can play without using any external codecs! That is the way to use the web, with open standards and not with closed proprietary shit. MP4 is "good" for download but for streaming you should change to WebM or OGG.



Some weeks ago, Tor published a job offer for a Director of Communications. Will we see more PR/marketing stuff in the future? It is really crucial to reach ordinary people. Videos like this are a first step.

Portuguese brazil please!

Please help us to make that happen :) see this translation guide.

Very cool! Will they be integrated into the Tor homepage?


Hot voice

Good job!

Where can we find the source data to this video? Remixing would be great but it would be better to be able to adjust all of the content too.

Hi guys! Are you willing to have an italian version of the video?
In case, I'll be glad to help :)


Hi Nick, absolutely, having an Italian version would be neat. Please take a look at the instructions here. Looking forward to hearing from you under the email address mentioned there. Thanks! Karsten

Hi Karsten,
unfortunately link won't open from my desk (damn you, web filters): soon as I get home I'll start working on it immediately.

Thank you all for what you did, do and will do for us :)


Very good !! I recognize some of the developpers being cartooned.

Great animation. Good "PR" is what Tor needs to grow.

any chance anyone help to put sign language (deaf visual language) translation pretty please ? they are some of the most oppressed people in the world :(

I just wish to say

thank you

to all you fantastic people out there pulling all stops to reach out to all corners of society.

That's indeed something we haven't thought about. Please excuse my naivete, but how does sign language work better than subtitles, and is there a single sign language that's understood around the globe? Please email us at tor-assistants at lists dot torproject dot org to talk about these details. Thanks!

Sign language is an additional to subtitles. Not all deaf (or hearing) people can understand or use sign language.

Also most sign language are recognised by linguistics as an language (own system of syntax and grammer etc) in its own right away from the main spoken language of a country.

e.g. Both country below use spoken and written English but used different sign language within them.

UK is British Sign Language (two hand alphabet)
USA is American Sign Language (one hand alphabet)

longer list >

Here an example of the euro-vision singing contest with an in-vision Swedish sign language interpreter. >…

Might be worth contacting these people >

hope you find all this interesting

I love it, even if the eyes look stoned on marijuana.

Awesome post! I will keep an on eye on your blog.

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Nice try, unfortunately incorrect translations...

Youtube is closed source, owned by an extremely hostile company, I wish you'd unplug from them.

i am French and i don't speak english, but i would lit to realize a better voice over on the french vidéo, it is possible ?

yesss TORRRRRrrr

Great Video