Stem Release 1.0

by atagar | March 31, 2013

Hi all. After eighteen months of work and a number of delays rivaling that of the Big Dig I'm pleased to announce the initial release of stem!

For those who aren't familiar with it, stem is a python controller library for tor. With it you can write scripts and applications that interact with your tor client or relay. For some examples of what you can do see the tutorials on...

Stem is compatible with python 2.6 and higher (including the 3.x series), and is a near complete implementation of tor's control and directory specifications. It has relatively high test coverage (~80% for most modules) and integration tests to check its continued interoperability with new releases of tor.

As always, if you encounter issues or have feature requests then please let me know! Also, if you write something that uses stem then please tell me, both so we can continue to improve our API and expand the tutorial's list of examples.

Many thanks to everyone that helped make this initial release of stem possible, both with its development and packaging! -Damian


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April 01, 2013


I wish I was conversant in geek-speak but I'm sure whatever it is, it's jolly good. Can I buy naughty things off the internet with it?

April 03, 2013


Hi, is it safe to attach files or pictures to an email you are sending from a webmail client? Or can the attaching of files to an email (through tor) lead to revealing of your IP to the webmail server (such as gmail?)

When you attach a file to an email, the little windows explorer opens up and you look through your computer to find the file. Gmail then spends a couple of seconds uploading the file to the actual email. Can this uploading of a file to an email reveal identity? Or does this uploading (attaching files to an email) also happen through the tor network and is 100% safe?