Tails 0.7.2 Released

by phobos | June 14, 2011

An update to the fully anonymous operating system, Tails, is now available. Version 0.7.2 includes notable user-visible changes include:

* Iceweasel
o Disable Torbutton's external application launch warning. ... which advises using Tails. Tails is running Tails.
o FoxyProxy: install from Debian instead of the older one we previously shipped.

* Software
o Upgrade Linux kernel to Debian's 2.6.32-34squeeze1: fixes tons of bugs, closes a few security holes at well.
o haveged: install an official Debian backport instead of a custom backport.
o unrar: install the version from Debian's non-free repository. Users report unrar-free does not work well enough.

Plus the usual bunch of minor bug reports and improvements. It can be downloaded from http://tails.boum.org/download/ or via bittorrent to save everyone some bandwidth.

The fully detailed changelog can be found here, http://git.immerda.ch/?p=amnesia.git;a=blob_plain;f=debian/changelog;hb…


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June 13, 2011


The Torrent doesn't seem to have any seeds. I'm seeing 0 seeds, 1 peer, 0 bytes available.

OK granted... there may be one or more seeds that, for whatever reason, got themselves blacklisted....