Testing Tor Browser Bundle 1.2.7-dev

by phobos | August 16, 2009

I've updated the Tor Browser Bundle with torbutton 1.2.2, the new Vidalia 0.2.2, and openssl 0.9.8k compiled with Microsoft Visual C to handle ssl compatibility issues with various versions of Windows.

If this works, it will be the new Tor Browser Bundle 1.2.8. Please test away.

The full list of changes:

  • update Torbutton to 1.2.2
  • update Vidalia to 0.2.2
  • compile OpenSSL 0.9.8k with Visual C to make dlls

There is an issue for some people using a clean Windows XP, Vista, 7 which would either require we ship the Visual C redistributable package, or compile OpenSSL ourselves with Visual C. The symptoms were the "find bridges now" button didn't appear in Vidalia 0.2.x, and the relays would never get flags. A few people posted comments to this blog about lacking flags and geoip information with TBB.

This is now fixed (at least it works on a freshly installed and patched WinXP system).


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I have the very same question. I am using 3.5.x now and it seems to be working OK. TorButton passes the proxy tests and I seem to be anonymous even when executing some "hard" benchmarks on the internet like http://www.cyscape.com/showbrow.aspx?bhcp=1 which in some older FF versions was able to see my timezone!!!

But I would like to hear some words from the devs on this. Is FF 3.5.x OK?

Thank you very much.

We're tackling FF3.5.x and torbutton over the next few weeks. Firefox 3.5.x has been described as "taking a shotgun to the codebase" from people reading the source. Expect to see a new torbutton that addresses many of the issues we find in the next month or so.

August 16, 2009


connections with the latest build are a ton more stable and connections seem 2-3x faster. nice job!

As in, just letting the Tor client idle, does it build circuits at all?

I'm able to exit and extend circuits from nodes in china without an issue.

August 22, 2009


Hi there,

please keep an "classic" Tor Browser Bundle with the Firefox 3.0.x versions, because the new Firefox 3.5.x versions are slower on my computer.

My PC is old, 6 years, 1,4 GHz AMD CPU with only MMX and 3DNow, no SSE opcodes support, 512 MB of RAM, etc.

Firefox 3.0.13 for example, runs faster and more smooth/fluent than Fx 3.5.x, here.

So for people with no money and/or old PCs, you should keep old versions, besides the newer ones, thx.



We're not planning on switching TBB to Firefox 3.5.x anytime soon. FF 3.5.x needs a detailed code audit and thoughts about how to effectively mitigate anonymity and privacy leaks with Torbutton.