Thanks to Shinjiru

by phobos | November 29, 2009

Earlier this year, we started looking for a new hosting location for a directory authority outside the US and EU. After talking to a few ISPs, Shinjiru Technology donated a high-bandwidth server to us. The server has been up and running for a few months now without issues. The staff has been great to work with and we'll soon turn this into a public directory authority for the public Tor Network.
This is a public thank you to Shinjiru for supporting online privacy and anonymity with Tor.


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December 01, 2009


Great news ! Always happy to see ISP who support Tor :P

I hope that more will take this exemple

December 26, 2009


I'm not sure what the original rationale for picking a place outside the US/EU was, but I think it may have been flawed.

Malaysia, for example, is an avid ally in the US war on terror, and so would most certainly have no qualms about secretly wiretapping data centers. Whereas with a US-based data center, the same may be true, but there still exist *some* civil rights (perhaps e.g. being notified of a search, given the opportunity to appeal in court, etc).

Developing countries may offer cheap rates, but should be avoided. (And forget Canada, this is one of the most corrupt member states of the Third World.)

Best bet, IMHO, is Switzerland. Or even an EU country -- one which has upheld freedom of speech in the past, such as Sweden.

The original rationale still is to find an organization dedicated to freedom of speech or freedom of expression in a country not aligned with the US or EU treaties. This rules out Switzerland. The idea is to have an independent org, but trusted, running a Directory Authority. The goal is to distribute trust some more and to expand outside the US/EU areas. We've talked to people in Japan and Argentina as well.

We're still looking to expand.

June 02, 2012


Shinjiru provides a great service for an excellent price, one which I have not found comparison to elsewhere. Also the level of service is second to none, If I have any questions, I feel confident I will be contacted within 24 hours, no matter how trivial the problem. I don't see the web hosting world without Shinjiru services.
John Loh, Managing Director

June 07, 2012


Great Hosting company. Superb support team and very helpfull.
I'm pleased with their services.
Great Job Keep rocking.

Varatha Raj