Tor Released

by phobos | September 9, 2008

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Tor addresses two potential anonymity issues, starts to fix
a big bug we're seeing where in rare cases traffic from one Tor stream
gets mixed into another stream, and fixes a variety of smaller issues.

Changes in version - 2008-09-03
o Major bugfixes:
- Make sure that two circuits can never exist on the same connection
with the same circuit ID, even if one is marked for close. This
is conceivably a bugfix for bug 779. Bugfix on
- Relays now reject risky extend cells: if the extend cell includes
a digest of all zeroes, or asks to extend back to the relay that
sent the extend cell, tear down the circuit. Ideas suggested
by rovv.
- If not enough of our entry guards are available so we add a new
one, we might use the new one even if it overlapped with the
current circuit's exit relay (or its family). Anonymity bugfix
pointed out by rovv.

o Minor bugfixes:
- Recover 3-7 bytes that were wasted per memory chunk. Fixes bug
794; bug spotted by rovv. Bugfix on
- Correctly detect the presence of the linux/netfilter_ipv4.h header
when building against recent kernels. Bugfix on
- Pick size of default geoip filename string correctly on windows.
Fixes bug 806. Bugfix on
- Make the autoconf script accept the obsolete --with-ssl-dir
option as an alias for the actually-working --with-openssl-dir
option. Fix the help documentation to recommend --with-openssl-dir.
Based on a patch by "Dave". Bugfix on
- Disallow session resumption attempts during the renegotiation
stage of the v2 handshake protocol. Clients should never be trying
session resumption at this point, but apparently some did, in
ways that caused the handshake to fail. Bug found by Geoff Goodell.
Bugfix on
- When using the TransPort option on OpenBSD, and using the User
option to change UID and drop privileges, make sure to open
/dev/pf before dropping privileges. Fixes bug 782. Patch from
Christopher Davis. Bugfix on
- Try to attach connections immediately upon receiving a RENDEZVOUS2
or RENDEZVOUS_ESTABLISHED cell. This can save a second or two
on the client side when connecting to a hidden service. Bugfix
on 0.0.6pre1. Found and fixed by Christian Wilms; resolves bug 743.
- When closing an application-side connection because its circuit is
getting torn down, generate the stream event correctly. Bugfix on
0.1.2.x. Anonymous patch.


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September 14, 2008



i've blocked a tor node with ExcludeNode command in my torrc with it's fingerprint and name but the node keeps coming back.

is this a bug?