Tor bundles updated

by phobos | July 13, 2009

Updated Vidalia-bundle packages with Tor are released. The only thing that's changed is the update of Vidalia from 0.1.14 to 0.1.15. You can retrieve the updated packages from


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July 21, 2009


I have big problem with vidalia-bundle-
When I was install vidalia-bundle- and Configurtion Vidalia and Tor, This program does not work.

I saw a message in message log.
It was "Error from libevent: evsignal_init: socketpair: No error".

My Os is WinXp Ver. 2002 SP3 and I'm living in Iran now.

Please Help me.

July 22, 2009


Dear Mr/Mrs Phobos,

So much ty for your solution.

But How could I Disable to Blocking access to localhost??

I have a Kaspersky Internet Security Ver. (2009)

I disable my internet security but so i had same message in message log

"Error from libevent: evsignal_init: socketpair: No error"

Please help me