Tor released

by phobos | June 26, 2009

Tor fixes a big bug that was causing Tor relays with dynamic
IP addresses to disappear from the network. It also fixes a rare crash
bug on fast exit relays.

Changes in version - 2009-06-24
Security fix:

  • Avoid crashing in the presence of certain malformed descriptors.
    Found by lark, and by automated fuzzing.
  • Fix an edge case where a malicious exit relay could convince a
    controller that the client's DNS question resolves to an internal IP
    address. Bug found and fixed by "optimist"; bugfix on

Major bugfixes:

  • Finally fix the bug where dynamic-IP relays disappear when their
    IP address changes: directory mirrors were mistakenly telling
    them their old address if they asked via begin_dir, so they
    never got an accurate answer about their new address, so they
    just vanished after a day. For belt-and-suspenders, relays that
    don't set Address in their config now avoid using begin_dir for
    all direct connections. Should fix bugs 827, 883, and 900.
  • Fix a timing-dependent, allocator-dependent, DNS-related crash bug
    that would occur on some exit nodes when DNS failures and timeouts
    occurred in certain patterns. Fix for bug 957.

Minor bugfixes:

  • When starting with a cache over a few days old, do not leak
    memory for the obsolete router descriptors in it. Bugfix on; fixes bug 672.
  • Hidden service clients didn't use a cached service descriptor that
    was older than 15 minutes, but wouldn't fetch a new one either,
    because there was already one in the cache. Now, fetch a v2
    descriptor unless the same descriptor was added to the cache within
    the last 15 minutes. Fixes bug 997; reported by Marcus Griep.

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June 26, 2009


I currently have Tor installed on OS X 10.4.11.

When I run the installer for the latest release ( the installer says there is already a newer version installed. If I continue with the install anyway, it fails. There is no error message but the new version does not run.

After restoring the old version of Tor ( from backup, everything is OK. Then I tried to uninstall the old version using the supplied script, but it fails, giving me:

root@sebago> ./
. tor process appears to already be stopped
. Killing currently running privoxy process, pid is 196
./ line 123: ./package_list.txt: No such file or directory
. Removing created user _tor
delete: Invalid Path
. Cleaning up
rm: fts_read: No such file or directory
. Finished

Next, I restored again from backup and tried to manually uninstall following the documentation. However, some of the files and directories that are supposed to be deleted do not exist on my installation. Other files and directories that obviously belong to Tor are not listed in the documentation of what to delete.

After deleting everything I could find that looks like it belongs to Tor/Vadalia/Privoxy/Torbutton I ran the installer for version again and it says the install was successful, but after restarting and trying to start Vidalia, it doesn't run.

Now I have 0.2.31 running again after restoring again from backup, but I am at a total loss as to how to properly uninstall or upgrade!!

Please help!!!

June 28, 2009


I keep getting this message: "Your server has not managed to confirm that its DirPort is reachable. Please check your firewalls, ports, address, etc"

I was hoping that, by getting the latest version of Vidalia/Tor, this would solve the problem; unfortunately, it hasn't. To be honest, everything else is working fine as far as connections/ports are concerned; however, with the Directory Port, I've tried every configuration with my wireless tp-link router, changing things on DNS, as well as going through different ports, but nothing seems to work. I'm at wit's end here, can anyone offer any help or guidance?

July 01, 2009


In the postflight script in the Tor.pkg there is a line that fails:

su $USER /Applications/ /Library/Torbutton/torbutton-$TORBUTTON_VERSION.xpi

It worked again when it was changed as in the corresponding package in (use firefox instead of the firefox-bin executable):

su $USER /Applications/ /Library/Torbutton/torbutton-$TORBUTTON_VERSION.xpi

The same results for firefox versions 3.0 and 3.5 for mac.

Hope this helps

July 04, 2009


The installer say in log:
Installer[4953]: run postflight script for Tor
postflight[4997]: usage: chown [-fhv] [-R [-H | -L | -P]] owner[:group] file ...
postflight[4997]: chown [-fhv] [-R [-H | -L | -P]] :group file ...
runner[4956]: postflight[4997]:
runner[4956]: postflight[4997]: /Applications/ /Applications/ cannot execute binary file
runner[4956]: postflight[4997]:
Installer[4953]: Install failed: (...) : run postflight script for Tor.

Please correct this !

July 10, 2009


why the tor proxy nao aceited by my firefox?
what I'm doing wrong? or what is missing?

July 10, 2009


when is tor going to update the version of privoxy distributed with tor.
your still using 3.0.6 when the latest version is 3.0.13.

July 11, 2009


pretty sad, today try to install tor on my OSX 10.5.7, with no succes.
First , Error in the Setup, but i try to run in anyway, using Firefox and Torbutton, error conectin to proxy. Use the documented uninstall procedure to test a downgrade to "Stable" Same error on install and ( saying a newer version exist) so your script is LAME. pretty bad all i can say about my experience.

Actually, this is a bug in the Apple installer. The necessary packages installed fine, and would require a reboot, but because the Firefox plugin for Tor failed to install, Apple aborts the entire installation and calls it all bad.

Dealing with the various issues with the Apple Installer is why we've been working on a drag and drop install routine for the Vidalia-Bundle for OSX. We're also working on a Tor Browser Bundle for OSX to make using Tor even simpler.

July 12, 2009


I had the install problem with Tor under OS X 10.5.7 as well. Then I tried installing it again and it appeared to work. But when I try using my Tor-enabled Firefox 3.5, it thinks I'm connecting to a bad proxy. No Tor for me.

This is bad, is there some earlier version I can use?

July 22, 2009


i tried installing the vidalia/tor/privoxy/torbutton bundle, and when i did i was warned that there was already a newer version of it installed. there wasnt, so i ignored it and installed anyway. Now everything should be installed, but there is no vidalia app in my applications folder.


September 24, 2009


I installed the tor browser and all that and it seems to work fine except for a major problem. All the main sites like yahoo and google are in Deutsch (German) and not in English. I can't seem to change it. Does anyone know how I can fix this? Please e-mail me if you know what's wrong.

October 07, 2009


When I run the installer, it says that firefox is not installed even though it is the default browser. Any tips for this?

Thank you


February 15, 2010





April 19, 2012


I installed Vidalia, when I start it up, I press "start Tor" but it doesn't get further then "connecting to a relay directory" ... I tried everything, can't get it started. I have Win7, and i try to use it with firefox 11.0 (app installed (tor button)(bundle))