Tor is now available

by phobos | December 10, 2008

Tor fixes some crash bugs in earlier alpha releases,
builds better on unusual platforms like Solaris and old OS X, and fixes
a variety of other issues.

Changes in version - 2008-12-08
Major features:

  • New DirPortFrontPage option that takes an html file and publishes
    it as "/" on the DirPort. Now relay operators can provide a
    disclaimer without needing to set up a separate webserver. There's
    a sample disclaimer in contrib/tor-exit-notice.html.

Security fixes:

  • When the client is choosing entry guards, now it selects at most
    one guard from a given relay family. Otherwise we could end up with
    all of our entry points into the network run by the same operator.
    Suggested by Camilo Viecco. Fix on

Major bugfixes:

  • Fix a DOS opportunity during the voting signature collection process
    at directory authorities. Spotted by rovv. Bugfix on 0.2.0.x.
  • Fix a possible segfault when establishing an exit connection. Bugfix

Minor bugfixes:

  • Get file locking working on win32. Bugfix on Fixes
    bug 859.
  • Made Tor a little less aggressive about deleting expired
    certificates. Partial fix for bug 854.
  • Stop doing unaligned memory access that generated bus errors on
    sparc64. Bugfix on Fix for bug 862.
  • Fix a crash bug when changing EntryNodes from the controller. Bugfix
    on Fix for bug 867. Patched by Sebastian.
  • Make USR2 log-level switch take effect immediately. Bugfix on
  • If one win32 nameserver fails to get added, continue adding the
    rest, and don't automatically fail.
  • Use fcntl() for locking when flock() is not available. Should fix
    compilation on Solaris. Should fix Bug 873. Bugfix on
  • Do not mark smartlist_bsearch_idx() function as ATTR_PURE. This bug
    could make gcc generate non-functional binary search code. Bugfix
  • Build correctly on platforms without socklen_t.
  • Avoid potential crash on internal error during signature collection.
    Fixes bug 864. Patch from rovv.
  • Do not use C's stdio library for writing to log files. This will
    improve logging performance by a minute amount, and will stop
    leaking fds when our disk is full. Fixes bug 861.
  • Stop erroneous use of O_APPEND in cases where we did not in fact
    want to re-seek to the end of a file before every last write().
  • Correct handling of possible malformed authority signing key
    certificates with internal signature types. Fixes bug 880. Bugfix
  • Fix a hard-to-trigger resource leak when logging credential status.
    CID 349.

Minor features:

  • Directory mirrors no longer fetch the v1 directory or
    running-routers files. They are obsolete, and nobody asks for them
    anymore. This is the first step to making v1 authorities obsolete.

Minor features (controller):

  • Return circuit purposes in response to GETINFO circuit-status. Fixes
    bug 858.
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    December 11, 2008


    any chance of putting this new tor in tor browser bundle?Need updates for tor browser bundle