Tor released

by phobos | October 10, 2009

On September 21st, we released Tor version

Major features:

  • Tor now tracks how long it takes to build client-side circuits
    over time, and adapts its timeout to local network performance.
    Since a circuit that takes a long time to build will also provide
    bad performance, we get significant latency improvements by
    discarding the slowest 20% of circuits. Specifically, Tor creates
    circuits more aggressively than usual until it has enough data
    points for a good timeout estimate. Implements proposal 151.
    We are especially looking for reports (good and bad) from users with
    both EDGE and broadband connections that can move from broadband
    to EDGE and find out if the build-time data in the .tor/state gets
    reset without loss of Tor usability. You should also see a notice
    log message telling you that Tor has reset its timeout.
  • Directory authorities can now vote on arbitary integer values as
    part of the consensus process. This is designed to help set
    network-wide parameters. Implements proposal 167.
  • Tor now reads the "circwindow" parameter out of the consensus,
    and uses that value for its circuit package window rather than the
    default of 1000 cells. Begins the implementation of proposal 168.

Major bugfixes:

  • Fix a remotely triggerable memory leak when a consensus document
    contains more than one signature from the same voter. Bugfix on

Minor bugfixes:

  • Fix an extremely rare infinite recursion bug that could occur if
    we tried to log a message after shutting down the log subsystem.
    Found by Matt Edman. Bugfix on
  • Fix parsing for memory or time units given without a space between
    the number and the unit. Bugfix on; fixes bug 1076.
  • A networkstatus vote must contain exactly one signature. Spec
    conformance issue. Bugfix on
  • Fix an obscure bug where hidden services on 64-bit big-endian
    systems might mis-read the timestamp in v3 introduce cells, and
    refuse to connect back to the client. Discovered by "rotor".
    Bugfix on
  • We were triggering a CLOCK_SKEW controller status event whenever
    we connect via the v2 connection protocol to any relay that has
    a wrong clock. Instead, we should only inform the controller when
    it's a trusted authority that claims our clock is wrong. Bugfix
    on; starts to fix bug 1074. Reported by SwissTorExit.
  • We were telling the controller about CHECKING_REACHABILITY and
    REACHABILITY_FAILED status events whenever we launch a testing
    circuit or notice that one has failed. Instead, only tell the
    controller when we want to inform the user of overall success or
    overall failure. Bugfix on Fixes bug 1075. Reported
    by SwissTorExit.
  • Don't warn when we're using a circuit that ends with a node
    excluded in ExcludeExitNodes, but the circuit is not used to access
    the outside world. This should help fix bug 1090, but more problems
    remain. Bugfix on
  • Work around a small memory leak in some versions of OpenSSL that
    stopped the memory used by the hostname TLS extension from being
  • Make our 'torify' script more portable; if we have only one of
    'torsocks' or 'tsocks' installed, don't complain to the user;
    and explain our warning about tsocks better.

Minor features:

  • Add a "getinfo status/accepted-server-descriptor" controller
    command, which is the recommended way for controllers to learn
    whether our server descriptor has been successfully received by at
    least on directory authority. Un-recommend good-server-descriptor
    getinfo and status events until we have a better design for them.
  • Update to the "September 4 2009" ip-to-country file.


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October 18, 2009


u know what would be in-GENIOUS!!!???? putting a SIMPLE,for newbies&Dummies UNDERSTANDABLE,step-by-step introduction to your site even BETTER WITZ screenshots!!
'cause when I tried to instal,act.,I installed TORbutton,my WHOLE i-net connection crushed!!!!!no browser would work !!!C'm on...Is it SO much more work to embedd an Step-by step introductionj,because i'm feeling alone&hopeless noone who could help,only faq's that do not even scratch my problem....!!!

Technicall, torbutton installs and works with FF 3.5.x. You need to install Tor first, otherwise no, it's not going to work. Torbutton requires Tor, it says so right on the mozilla add-ons page.

The issue with Firefox 3.5.x is that torbutton does not protect your anonymity as well as with 3.0.x. There are a number of leaks with torbutton and firefox 3.5.x we're working to address.