Tor is out

by erinn | January 27, 2011

Changes in version - 2011-01-25
Major bugfixes:

  • Fix a bounds-checking error that could allow an attacker to
    remotely crash a directory authority. Bugfix on
    Found by "piebeer".
  • Don't assert when changing from bridge to relay or vice versa
    via the controller. The assert happened because we didn't properly
    initialize our keys in this case. Bugfix on; fixes
    bug 2433. Reported by bastik.

Minor features:

  • Adjust our TLS Diffie-Hellman parameters to match those used by
    Apache's mod_ssl.
  • Provide a log message stating which geoip file we're parsing
    instead of just stating that we're parsing the geoip file.
    Implements ticket 2432.

Minor bugfixes:

  • Check for and reject overly long directory certificates and
    directory tokens before they have a chance to hit any assertions.
    Bugfix on / Found by "doorss".


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