Tor packages available

by erinn | July 9, 2013

There's a new Tor out and all of the packages have been updated. This is a release candidate and will become the new Tor stable soon, so please test these extensively!

Regular packages can be found here:

Tor Browser Bundles are here:

Tor Browser Bundle (2.4.15-beta-1)

  • Update Tor to
  • Update NoScript to


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July 09, 2013


It seems to me that the Tor developers are censoring comments on this blog BIG TIME. Just a few months ago pretty much all comments would get approved. Now so many are not. What's going on Tor people?

July 09, 2013


I've lost count of how many weeks it's been since I've seen a new comment posted anywhere on this blog. Unprecedented since I've been following this blog.

How about at least making a post acknowledging this and offering some explanation?

July 09, 2013


"ALPHA: Tor Browser Bundle alpha versions for Windows (2.4.15-beta-1), Linux 32-bit (2.4.15-beta-1) and 64-bit (2.4.15-beta-1), and Intel Mac OS X 10.6 and higher (2.4.15-beta-1). "

Wait...Is this alpha or beta?

Confusing as it is presented now.

July 13, 2013


Hello and a question:
have a better,'intelligent' routing algorithm?

With i see a lot in the same AS (e.g. OVH).
Or apparently routing preferences like x-SW-RU (read
How it works against fiveeys ubiqitous(?) netpresence?Timing attacks?

And tails developers,please introduce static Entry Guards as a choice for all.
It's a NORMAL tor security mechanism.

July 13, 2013


Is Vidalia integrated ?
seeing the circuits seems to be a must have(-:.
Or was NSA calling ?

July 22, 2013


How is it possible to define entry and exit policies properly? The documentation mixes the role between clients and servers up. I want to enter over a small, defined set of servers and exit over a small, defined set of servers. Is it even possible to tell TOR in advance where to exit from?

I could only find exit node lists, but no entry node lists.

If I do this in the torrc:
ExitPolicy accept IP1, accept IP2, accept IP3, reject *:*

Then nothing happens and I still have many different IPs not similar to the three above.

Sorry to misuse the blog, I couldn't find an active TOR forum.

a TOR user

July 31, 2013



I would appreciate it if Tor developers could clarify for us non-technical end-users the following scenarios:

(1) I first launch a VPN connection using TCP protocol. Next, I launch the Tor Browser Bundle and surf websites using the Tor Browser.


(2) I first launch the Tor Browser Bundle. Using the Tor Browser, I connect to my VPN service provider.

Which of the two above would provide more anonymity?