Tor is released

by nickm | December 19, 2016

There's a new "old stable" release of Tor! (But maybe you want the release instead; that also comes out today.)

Tor backports a fix for a medium-severity issue (bug 21018 below) where Tor clients could crash when attempting to visit a hostile hidden service. Clients are recommended to upgrade as packages become available for their systems.
It also includes an updated list of fallback directories, backported from 0.2.9.
Now that the Tor 0.2.9 series is stable, only major bugfixes will be backported to 0.2.8 in the future.
You can download Tor 0.2.8 -- and other older release series -- from

Changes in version - 2016-12-19

  • Major bugfixes (parsing, security, backported from
    • Fix a bug in parsing that could cause clients to read a single byte past the end of an allocated region. This bug could be used to cause hardened clients (built with --enable-expensive-hardening) to crash if they tried to visit a hostile hidden service. Non- hardened clients are only affected depending on the details of their platform's memory allocator. Fixes bug 21018; bugfix on Found by using libFuzzer. Also tracked as TROVE- 2016-12-002 and as CVE-2016-1254.
  • Minor features (fallback directory list, backported from
    • Replace the 81 remaining fallbacks of the 100 originally introduced in Tor in March 2016, with a list of 177 fallbacks (123 new, 54 existing, 27 removed) generated in December 2016. Resolves ticket 20170.
  • Minor features (geoip, backported from
    • Update geoip and geoip6 to the December 7 2016 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database.


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