New Release: Tor

by nickm | August 8, 2018

There's a new alpha release available for download. If you build Tor from source, you can download the source code for Tor from the download page on the website. Packages should be available over the coming weeks, with a new alpha Tor Browser release by some time next month.

Remember, this is an alpha release: you should only run this if you'd like to find and report more bugs than usual.

Tor fixes several small compilation, portability, and correctness issues in previous versions of Tor. This version is a release candidate: if no serious bugs are found, we expect that the stable 0.3.4 release will be (almost) the same as this release.

Changes in version - 2018-08-06

  • Major bugfixes (event scheduler):
    • When we enable a periodic event, schedule it in the event loop rather than running it immediately. Previously, we would re-run periodic events immediately in the middle of (for example) changing our options, with unpredictable effects. Fixes bug 27003; bugfix on
  • Minor features (compilation):
    • When building Tor, prefer to use Python 3 over Python 2, and more recent (contemplated) versions over older ones. Closes ticket 26372.


  • Minor features (geoip):
    • Update geoip and geoip6 to the July 3 2018 Maxmind GeoLite2 Country database. Closes ticket 26674.
  • Minor features (Rust, portability):
    • Rust cross-compilation is now supported. Closes ticket 25895.
  • Minor bugfixes (compilation):
    • Fix a compilation warning on some versions of GCC when building code that calls routerinfo_get_my_routerinfo() twice, assuming that the second call will succeed if the first one did. Fixes bug 26269; bugfix on
  • Minor bugfixes (controller):
    • Report the port correctly when a port is configured to bind to "auto". Fixes bug 26568; bugfix on
    • Parse the "HSADDRESS=" parameter in HSPOST commands properly. Previously, it was misparsed and ignored. Fixes bug 26523; bugfix on Patch by "akwizgran".
  • Minor bugfixes (correctness, flow control):
    • Upon receiving a stream-level SENDME cell, verify that our window has not grown too large. Fixes bug 26214; bugfix on svn r54 (pre-0.0.1)
  • Minor bugfixes (memory, correctness):
    • Fix a number of small memory leaks identified by coverity. Fixes bug 26467; bugfix on numerous Tor versions.
  • Minor bugfixes (portability):
    • Avoid a compilation error in test_bwmgt.c on Solaris 10. Fixes bug 26994; bugfix on
  • Minor bugfixes (testing, compatibility):
    • When running the and tests, make sure only to pass strings (rather than "bytes" objects) to the Python subprocess module. Python 3 on Windows seems to require this. Fixes bug 26535; bugfix on (for and (for


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August 08, 2018


Thanks for this.
I am just curious: are there going to be new features in the 0.3.4 or is this going to be "just" a maintenance release? (I mean bug fixes and stuffs like these)


August 08, 2018


Littlebit offtopic:

TBB isnt for big downloads but, keep2share( isnt working with NoScript5.1.8.6 on. ?

August 08, 2018


Please, fix consdiff cpu overload bug on Windows at least in 0.3.5 as it's a new LTS. Thanks.