Tor Browser 5.5.1 is released

Tor Browser 5.5.1 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

Most notably, this release features fixes for regressions caused by our font fingerprinting defense: chinese users should have a functional Tor Browser again and emoji support is restored on OS X and Linux systems (we are still working on a fix for Windows).

Moreover, we fixed an oversight in one of our patches which broke some websites depending heavily on iframes.

The full changelog since 5.5 is:

Tor Browser 5.5.1 -- February 5 2016

  • All Platforms
    • Bug 18168: Don't clear an iframe's (fix of #16620)
    • Bug 18137: Add two new obfs4 default bridges
  • Windows
  • OS X
  • Linux

It only seems like that because those are the sites you are visiting. Everyone uses different sites.
Besides, Cloudflare isn't as bad as it used to be: you can now get through it even with JS disabled.

>Besides, Cloudflare isn't as bad as it used to be: you can now get through it even with JS disabled.

It's still very bad, chances of not being blocked are very small.
Additionally, it will be even worse once they refresh their cached block lists.

No it's not very bad at all, it takes some time to click on the pictures, yes, but not bad at all. I hope they keep doing stuff like this and not put words that can not be understood without java.

Chances of being blocked seems to depend on site.

What I mean by being better is that you might have to play the click the checkbox game but you can get through without Javascript enabled. Before you couldn't; you'd have to enable Javascript to access the sites.


February 09, 2016


Tor always asks me to download a file with a filename 'cz'. What's that?

I'm not sure: it never asks me to do such a thing. You might want to try a reinstall.

You mean Tor Browser. This seems very irregular, can you explain some more?

yes tor browser. All of a sudden it asks me to download that file. I have no idea what that is so I always cancel it

It is not just Tor. Clownfare are also blocking VPNs. Evil !£"$!%"%%"%"^"^^"^"!!!

Thanks.a lot.

Thanks TOR Servers. Your work is excellent.

User -ASIF

on the home page once connected, it says Congratulations...
for more information about this exit relay see ''Atlas'' which is hyperlinked.

I can't remember what the Atlas page used to look like, but trying it now it just has a blank search bar, and the Atlas logo in the corner, and no other information

I tried copy and pasting the IP address into the search box but
no response to the Enter key and no 'button'' to click for searching
There's nothing else on the screen except

About - Source code - Report a bug - Contact

Is that all normal? The page appears to have no visible utility

Works fine for me if I have JavaScript enabled.

Unfortunately requires javascript. Very likely you have disabled javascript there.

graphite font rendering is extremely vulnerable and must be updated!

Disable it with gfx.font_rendering.graphite.enabled;false or
Torbutton:Security Level:High

thank you very much .but the speed is too low for downloading . please do something about it soon . and let me know how to speed up my download activities .

This relies on several factors. Every relay has an impact on your speed especially the guard node. You can change your guard by deleting your tor folder and reinstalling tor. This is generally inadvisable as it can more likely land you in the hands of an attacker. Also, if you are downloading from an onion/hidden service expect downloads to be significantly slower. In such a case your data must travel further.

Smooth . Tor browser really brings back the internet
to what it used to be, an heaven of knowledge without
the heavy burden of modern tracking.

I'm first time user of Tor Browser. How can I see or change option, if I'm a exit node or not?
Thanks in advance for your answer.

You are not an exit or any relay node unless you explicitly configure Tor to become one. So no worries. As long as you just load up the browser without going into the configuration menu you are fine.

Oops! If you want to configure or check just click the configure button immediately before tor bootstraps and starts the browser. The rest should be easy to figure out.

By default users of Tor Browsers will NOT act as relays of any kind (exit or not). If you want to learn more, read the tor man page.

Thank you for your continued efforts. It's all about keeping the gremlins dry.

I'm about to add a dedicated relay to the network.

I'm not in a position to run an exit (yet)... but once I find the right hosts I will.

I'd just like to say Tor Project and Tor staff are all really special, lovely people
I would also like everyone reading, to please remember, kindness is the most important thing. Please be kind, considerate and sensitive to people. Selfishness is the worst possible thing. It is sub-human.
Empathy is the highest human attribute. So never sacrifice it
Practice empathy and sensitivity in all things

Love to all Tor staff and Tor supporters. unless you work for the US government, then, a big HUG and a lollipop and a teddy bear, and a bubble bath to you because you really, really need it. And its only going to get worse for you. So make that TWO teddy bears for you.

tor is for you first

nice updated & smooth browser your last version. I am operated this is also nice operated

browser console: "Torbutton WARN: no SOCKS credentials found for current document." what does that mean? error on my side or server side?

I just downloaded Tor 3 days ago and it doesn't even mask my IP. Dude like wtf, seriously. Displays a random IP on the Test Tor Network Settings, but its fake. When I go to whatsmyip it displays my REAL IP. No seriously WTF??????

Everyone needs to check their IP before browsing on Tor. THis is first time its happed. Maybe a fault in the version or my laptop thts doing it, though dont know how thats possible.

I am using Windows 8 OS. While using TOR Recently it is taking time to open the Sites and sometimes it get hanged. Can you please suggest any remedy inorder to increase the SPEED considerably while using TOR Browser which is applicable for Windows OS 8.

you can add two legs at your browser clicking on the tab ; DONATIONS