Tor Browser 7.0a1 is released

Tor Browser 7.0a1 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

This release features important security updates to Firefox.

Tor Browser 7.0a1 is the first alpha in the 7.0 series. Apart from the usual Firefox update (to 45.7.0 ESR) it contains the first alpha in the tor 0.3.0 series ( and an updated HTTPS-Everywhere (5.2.9) + NoScript (

Tor Browser 7.0a1 is the first alpha allowing Linux users to test Snowflake, a new WebRTC-based pluggable transport. Additionally, we include bug fixes both to our sandboxing solutions for Linux (sandboxed-tor-browser 0.0.3) and macOS. For Windows users we plugged a timezone leak that got introduced by enabling ICU in Firefox when switching to ESR 45.

The full changelog since 6.5a6 is:

  • All Platforms
    • Update Firefox to 45.7.0esr
    • Tor to
    • Update Torbutton to 1.9.7
      • Bug 19898: Use DuckDuckGo on about:tor
      • Bug 21091: Hide the update check menu entry when running under the sandbox
      • Bug 21243: Add links to es, fr, and pt Tor Browser manual
      • Bug 21194: Show snowflake in the circuit display
      • Bug 21131: Remove 2016 donation banner
      • Translation updates
    • Update HTTPS-Everywhere to 5.2.9
    • Update NoScript to
    • Bug 20471: Allow javascript: links from HTTPS first party pages
    • Bug 20651: DuckDuckGo does not work with JavaScript disabled
    • Bug 20589: Add new MAR signing key
  • Windows
    • Bug 20981: On Windows, check TZ for timezone first
  • OS X
    • Bug 20989: Browser sandbox profile is too restrictive on OSX 10.12.2
  • Linux
    • Update sandboxed-tor-browser to 0.0.3
    • Bug 20735: Add snowflake pluggable transport to alpha Linux builds
  • Build system
    • All platforms
    • Linux
      • Bug 21103: Update descriptors for sandboxed-tor-browser 0.0.3

January 25, 2017


Open this :)
[Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE) [nsIHttpChannel.getResponseHeader]" nsresult: "0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE)" location: "JS frame :: chrome://noscript/content/Main.js :: ns.mustBlockJS :: line 3742" data: no]ns.mustBlockJS@chrome://noscript/content/Main.js:3742:35


January 25, 2017


Seeing every 24 minutes during idle:
Torbutton INFO: Updated NoScript status for security settings


January 25, 2017

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Okay, that's due to `noscript.subscription.lastCheck` changing and we are updating the icon when any NoScript related preference changes. We should fix that I guess. Oh, and there is no real subscription check in the background as there are no subscription URLs in Tor Browser available. Nevertheless, the timer gets updated every 24 minutes. I'll file a ticket for that later, thanks.

Is there already a snowflake add-on for Firefox and Chrome that turns browser in to a bridge like flashbroxy badge for Firefox and Cupcake for Chrome ?

So with snowflake Google acts as a directory server and a server hosted on Edutel as a bridge?

The model is very similar to Flashproxy, but s/WebSocket/WebRTC/


There's nothing special about Google here, it's just the first CDN we chose,

It's used to discover and exchange offer/answer between the client and proxies, so, yeah, something like a directory. But meek-like domain fronting is used so this rendez-vous isn't immediately blocked. After which, WebRTC takes over to shuttle the bits.

The bridge on Edutel just happens to be running the server component of the pt,
but that's configurable as well, and we'll eventually want more bridges as the need for capacity increases.

Is it secure to backport?
> Whitelisted view-source: URIs: This is secure because Web pages can't access them anymore these days. This fixes broken view-source: pages.…

Hm. Why is this needed to begin with?

12:12:27.378 ReferenceError: PolicyState is not defined Main.js:3946:1

Does snowflake look like WebRTC without actually enabling it in the browser? I think there are ways to use WebRTC to deanonymize people.

I assume you're referring to things like,

Rest assured, WebRTC is still disabled *in* Tor Browser. However, snowflake does use a real WebRTC implementation to connect you to a bridge to the Tor network, but that's separate from your browsing experience.

I suspect this may be a major bug for 7.01alpha and possibly birdie related

With system based 6.5 things work great for me (deb stretch), 6.5 stand alone seem the same, but standalone 7.01a although functions as a browser just fine icedove-birdie can not connect. Leaving it offline and switching back to either of the first two and it regains connection. I am not knowledgeable enough to distinguish whether this is birdie or 7alpha related, I am more inclined to think of the 7a

Hardened still creates an enormous VMM of some TB and turns to a freezing slug.
Sandboxing the tor seems as a project that needs its own page of instructions of how it can be done. All efforts have failed and I am tired of guessing stuff

Regarding your Icedove issue: Yes, this is due to a bug in 7.0a1 ( Resolving that one takes some time as we need a tor patch as well (which meanwhile landed on master). We hope to have that issue fixed in the next regular alpha release.

Sandboxing on Linux is nowadays relatively straightforward thanks to Yawning's work. We provide binaries for 64bit systems on our download page: More information behind it and system requirements needed can be found on:…

I appreciate the information but some how this does not solve any issues. If an alpha edition will for sure break a major related package within the same family why release it then?

The on the sandbox riddle, the last time it was released I spent a couple of days trying to figure out how to make it work. I have no other interest in any of the necessay packages to sandbox anything else. bwrap flatpak firejail (I did eventually got a firefox working in firejail). Zero. Between this team and the debian team there are NO INSTRUCTIONS WHAT SO EVER than lead to make any of this work. This time I will end the effort after the first day. Why is that we need to do a 2 dissertation research for each and every single command line? Before our brain turns to a noodle between the 1001 open tabs of conflicting instructions or lack there of, to find 1 command line that actually returns a meaningful outcome or a interpretative error message.

For those of us that security may be a need to address but are neither programmers or developers some instructions in normal peoples' english (or even other languages) helps tremendously. I urge you to find the next person in random in your environment and ask them to check your suggested links and see what they say and whether they can make somthing work.

Is it only me?

No wonder people can not leave the windows/apple worlds as this other world is very hostile to non programmers and non-native-C speakers. And I go back to ultrix/unix years which many of you may only find in a museum.

> or even other languages

> The on the sandbox riddle, the last time it was released I spent a couple of days trying to figure out how to make it work.

1. 依存関係のパッケージをインストールする。詳細はブログポストからリンクしたWikiページに書いてあるけど、一般なシステムだとただbubblewrapをインストールすればいい。
2. sandboxed-tor-browserアーカイブを解凍する。
3. sandboxed-tor-browserバイナリを実行する。


I have made it work with firejail but do not trust it, I have not been able to find a proper command line with bwrap to make it work. If a user that has, can pass along an example command line that employs it, it would be kindness to us stupid folk

  1. <br />
  2. $ ./sandboxed-tor-browser<br />

$ ./sandboxed-tor-browser

Doesn't seem to do much alone. Firejail and tools seem to rely on bwrap and flatpak but it worked through it. You run the first time ./sandboxed-tor-browser --install and then you can run ./sandboxed-tor-browser --advanced config to configure it. Although I can only trust it is somehow sandboxed because from your browser you may only have access to the directories you specify in config, but it is hard to tell how sandboxed it really is. It seems as a good direction for experimentation.

I am sure the future is heading that direction

PS Can on use a disk based tor as a proxy for the sandboxed tor, and does this make any sense?



January 30, 2017

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> Doesn't seem to do much alone. Firejail and tools seem to rely on bwrap and flatpak but it worked through it. You run the first time ./sandboxed-tor-browser --install and then you can run ./sandboxed-tor-browser --advanced config to configure it.

What? The first time it runs, it will run the installer and configure step. Every time afterwards it skips those steps as long as Tor Browser successfully launches.

Behavior otherwise is a bug, though I haven't heard of any reports of that.

> Although I can only trust it is somehow sandboxed because from your browser you may only have access to the directories you specify in config, but it is hard to tell how sandboxed it really is.

Read the source code.

> and does this make any sense?


Help me

getFirstPartyURI failed for… 0x80070057
when trying to retry failed download in Downloads tab.

Yes, when resuming the download on the about:downloads page there is no URL bar to isolate the request available. I've filed Maybe it is possible to use the previously used circuit somehow.

425 Failed to establish connection.

when trying to access

Virus Total says that TOR 6.5a6 has a malware.
Versions 6.5 and 7.0 showed up as a virus on 360total security

SHA256: c473127c7e54d983af15f83da0c0c6098ac706889917545d9b1abe1e3fcb0ded

File name: torbrowser-install-6.5a6_en-US.exe

Detection ratio: 1 / 44

Analysis date: 2017-01-29 22:00:47 UTC ( 2 minutes ago )

Antivirus Result Update
Qihoo-360 HEUR/QVM20.1.0000.Malware.Gen 20170129

Admin and ToR staff, thanks for your hard work. I appreciate the TOR software and I was posting the above warning only to help others detect and fix bugs. I did not mean to be unappreciate, i will donate to the project and encourage all others reading this to also contribute to TOR to protect our freedom, especially in the face of what is to come in the next 4 years

Is this true that now we can use alpha version and it is indistinguishable from stable when Tor replaced to stable?

If you are replacing the alpha tor with the stable one this still leaves all the browser patches that are new in the alpha unaddressed. And chances are non-null that any of those new patches changes the behavior of Tor Browser in a detectable way.

Sure. Thanks for the explanation. But is this true that Tor Browser stopped to expose settings which allowed to detect its version?

I think we did not expose anything that could be directly queried for getting the Tor Browser version. But there might still be some side-channels available to extract that information indirectly.

What about buildID?

That is uniform for all Tor Browser users.

Well, for me on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 this new tor browser failed to connect with snowflake. But then it managed to connect over obfs4 and switch to snowflake in tor network settings.

you may have a a bug in Tor

can't open Tor browser today

keep getting message : Tor exited during startup. This might be due to an error in your torrc file, a bug in Tor or another program on your system, or faulty hardware. Until you fix the underlying problem and restart Tor, Tor Browser will not start. Never happen before

Which operating system are you on? Is that reproducible or did the problem go away?

problem is still here on MS Windows 10 watching C-Span

I can't get this particular version of tor browser to work.

The tor status window stuck at the last step 'establishing a tor circuit' forever, literally(waiting for hours and nothing changes).

I downloaded the installation file from tor browser 6.5, which I'm using now.

I'll try to download again or upgrade older 6.5 alpha version and see what happens next, anyone else encountering the same issue?

That's the first report of this issue we hear. Which operating system are you on? This happens with a clean, new Tor Browser 7.0a1?

I'm using windows7, and yes this is a clean installation, downloaded using TBB 6.5.

BTW, since vidalia is long dead, is there anyway to tell TBB to generate a log file?

The not-very-easy to tell Tor Browser to generate a log file is to close Tor Browser, edit Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/torrc (or wherever it is on your system), and add a log line:
and then restart it.

I think I got this one...

I edited the torrc file and removed some ancient bridge addresses, and BAM!

it worked...Sorry guys, problem seems on my end..

I'm using TBB upgraded from previous versions so that search is being redirected from to But if I don't scroll my search results something appears after some time of inactivity:
You are being redirected to the non-JavaScript site.Click here if it doesn't happen automatically.
It looks like TBB forgets about JS-enabled for https (Medium settings).

F11 doesn't work correctly on Win 7: no "menu" appears.

What do you mean? F11 is the key for getting the browser into fullscreen mode. As least that's the case for me.