Tor Browser 7.5.2 is released

Tor Browser 7.5.2 is now available from the Tor Browser Project page and also from our distribution directory.

This release features important security updates to Firefox.

Note: Users of the Tor Browser alpha series are strongly encouraged to use the stable series while we are preparing a new alpha release.

The full changelog since Tor Browser 7.5.1 is:

  • All platforms
    • Update Firefox to 52.7.2esr

> Tor always insists on connecting to the UK as its first relay node, no matter how many times I try a different circuit.

Assuming you live in the UK, that sounds like how entry guards are supposed to work. (The first node in a Tor circuit is called an entry guard.) Your Tor client is supposed to choose two and stick with them for some time--- I forget how long exactly, but several months. Each new circuit should use new relay and exit nodes (second and third nodes). Your Tor client should try to choose an exit node "near" your destination website, so if that is in a country with few nodes, you might see the same exit node more often than you might desire.

The entry node business might sound like it weakens anonymity, but actually it is intended to strengthen your anonymity against certain kinds of de-anonymization attacks. IIRC, arma discussed the math behind this a few years ago. AFAIK, choosing the number of entry guards and the length of time to stick with those is subject to review as new information becomes available about how the bad guys (government agencies) are trying to mess with the Tor network.

Hi... thanks for the response. If that was the case, why is it that v7.5.1 (and all the other versions I've been using) do not work that way? For example, now I am on 7.5.1 and my circuit shows as 'This browser - Netherlands - Russia - Germany - Internet'. If I were to change circuit it would show different countries but it would not stick to the UK, hope my question makes sense.

Say whaat? Someone claimed

> Tor always insists on connecting to the UK as its first relay node, no matter how many times I try a different circuit

and now you (I presume you are the OP) say

> my circuit shows as 'This browser - Netherlands - Russia - Germany - Internet'. If I were to change circuit it would show different countries but it would not stick to the UK

Netherlands? So not the UK after all?

Please explain:

1. how Tor Browser is behaving on your computer

2. what you want it to do instead

> hope my question makes sense

Not yet.

I'm sure that's done for reproducibility (the time stamps all get set to some fixed value, so that anybody else who compiles the Tor browser is able to produce a file that is 100% identical to the file that is released by Tor.)

It would be better to have these time stamps set to something sensible like the browser release date, or maybe just to hide the time stamps completely, but that would take more work and I'm sure this is a low priority for the developers. Having a reproducible binary is more important than fixing the appearance of an internal user interface (about:addons) that users shouldn't normally be messing with anyway.


March 21, 2018


Tor Browser 7.5.2 seems to be working fine under Debian stretch on my computer!

Thanks to everyone for providing Tor! Your work is much appreciated.3

The Android phone has a global setting which allows connection through the country of choice. Is the Desktop version going to have this capability?

No. We think that this might risk your anonymity in serious ways and just rely on tor's path selection.

I have LastPass, a password vault. Can I add that as an add-in?

yes. tor browser is supporting too many firefox extention.

What is the ETA of 64-bit Windows builds?
Memory corruption vulnerabilities are easier to exploit in 32-bit applications because of the limited address space.

We still need to iron out some bugs in our 64bit bundles but plan to make them available to stable users with the switch to Firefox 60 ESR which is going to happen later this year, in August.

You shits STILL haven't fixed this?!?

When initially starting, torbrowser allows several sites to install spyware:

you can disallow them using
Edit > Preferences > Security > Exceptions > Remove All Sites

There is no any reason for these to be allowed unless torbrowser sucking GCHQ dick.

When restart these spyware sites are re-allowed!!!

This issue was reported several versions ago. Why is it still here?
GCHQ did not find alternative backdoor????

Is torbrowser SPYWARE????

So this is how you win friends and influence people? How's that working out?

In current version of TB, I see this in one of the torrc configs:

## snowflake configuration
ClientTransportPlugin snowflake exec ./TorBrowser/Tor/PluggableTransports/snowflake-client -url -front -ice

This is new to me, what exactly is it? I'm running as a Tor client only.

Which version are you using on which system? This is a new pluggable transport we are currently testing in our *alpha* series and which is available for macOS and Linux.

Hey i love tor browser. just to let you know xD

Can anybody tell me why, since the update, every time I have closed TOR and then try to launch the next day, I keep getting this:



So far, the only way I get TOR back is to re-install.

Any help for this?

Have you checked whether you still have a Tor process running in your background? It might be the case that is not shut down properly for whatever reason once you close Tor Browser.

I have an older version. Should I just delete that directory and install the new version, or is another method of upgrading recommended?

Depends on how old your version is. The recommended version is to use the Tor Browser updater. It should download an update automatically. If, however, your Tor Browser is too old for that then, yes, grabbing a new version from our website and starting over is the best solution.

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